Thursday, January 19, 2006


What I need is a grocery store on the 2nd step to my front door, because that’s where I’m always at when I remember why I went to the store in the first place. I don’t have what some call the shopping gene, and the only list I make is the topics on the Tonight Show every night.
That can be fun, you know. It’s a little like if Jay Leno had a blog and he makes the first joke on a topic, then we all pile on with our comments. It can typically last for 5 days. Or in the case of naughty presidents, 8 years.
Now, I don’t get many comments on this blog but I have a feeling I’ll be looking back on that part as the good old days. Either that or I’ll fade out altogether, but fading out….Well, let’s just say I played my first musical gig when I was around 11 and my current group, The Lighter Notes, has got another one coming up here in early March. I don’t know about other bands, but I find if we don’t play a gig every 2 or 3 months, we sort of lose our edge.
This sure has been a fast start, the way this blog has seemingly landed in the middle of the tram debate - if you can still call it a debate. You ask me and it’s now just different shades of screwed up. But I want you to know I can handle the excitement.
I once launched a topic on old Newt Gingrich, with a simple, tasteful elegant joke, that I don’t need to revisit. What happened is that it inspired all the other writers to jump on the topic and old Newt got kicked around like his parents should have kicked around his nickname before giving it to him.
I assume you’re a fan of irony, so let me tell you of an ironic twist that might not have been made clear. Back when I wrote columns twice a week, I begged them to let me just do my thing. Don’t hedge your bets. Let’s stir it up! I figured the only way the Trib would take off is if it was not dull. You couldn’t act like it was required reading.
Now, isn’t it amazing that I’m finally in the position to do that with this blog, and one of the people on the other end, is none other than a Trib executive, from the “play it safe-community-fluff” days? That, my friends, is what you call irony.
So why the regret? It’s because right now, I’m all over the place. One bit reads like a cheap Daily Show imitation, and the next reads like a college essay. I don’t know how to link to other articles and a ton of other things.
Still, I know if you bear with me I’ll find the mother groove. These things take time.
And it’s a blast. I can feel my brain coming alive and the “professional” jokes have been flowing out. Writing a blog might make the work stuff easier to do, and I wasn’t exactly shoveling coal to begin with.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Frank Dufay said...

Still, I know if you bear with me I’ll find the mother groove. These things take time.'re quite an enjoyable read right now. Sorry its not much of a profound response but, hey...your writing is good!


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