Tuesday, January 24, 2006


There are times for careful fact-based analysis based on the minutia of the daily news – times for a traditional scholarly approach involving footnotes, references, and endless research. Then there are times to wing it. Let’s face it, we’re living in an endless document dump these days called the Information Age. That’s one way our leaders keep us busy and too distracted to notice what’s really going on. Here, in my opinion, is what is really going on:
1. Dick Cheney is terrified and it’s made him crazy with rage. Have you ever thought you were going to die? There is no way to experience that without it profoundly affecting your psyche. Now imagine what it’d be like to go through 4 - count them - 4 heart attacks, and several other close calls. Not in a late-night joke sort of way, but in a real life, moment to moment panic that this was the end. Then, live every moment waiting for #5. Someplace in Dick Cheney there has got to be a terrified little puppy dog, that was walled off from the world. Could you imagine him talking candidly about how frightened he was of dying? Hell, no. Now what does that say?
I believe he has turned that fear into a profound need to have power and to inflict pain. He is furious to be in this predicament and he is compensating. He can’t control his heart, but at least he can make the world pay for his pain and deep fear. He hates his own heart for betraying him.
2. Now imagine being George W. Bush. You’ve known for years that you were mediocre. There’s your father, the war hero, the hard worker, the smart guy; everything you’re not. And you even have his name. The only thing you really love is baseball and you’re not even good at that. But there’s something else, something darker. Deep down inside you know there is a quality missing from your soul. You aren’t really a nice and warm person. You talk about being compassionate and a godly man, but it’s a cover for the glaring meanness that you are not equipped to figure out or handle. Deep inside you are the nation’s #1 Bush hater. You are in an endless race to outrun the truth, and power is one way to do it. What you want more than anything else is to be the Man. It’s never been about doing things right or helping anyone. It's never been about America. You just need to feel that rush. You aren’t beholden to the Constitution, or your Dad, or the law. You are the law. Feeling like this is the only time you’re not alone with your self-loathing. By inflicting the pain on others you spare yourself, plus you enjoy it, because somewhere under that cuddly blue shirt you like to wear, you are one mean, twisted hombre.
Together these two have seized unlimited power in a time of war - a war of necessity only to them, as they desperately flounder in another failed attempt to deal with the darkness in their hearts and the vast emptiness in their souls.


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