Friday, January 20, 2006


Note to Oregonian Editors: Until this tram thing blows over (whoops!) do not, I repeat do not, have any editorial titles with the word “overhead” in them. Especially if the rest of the piece is riddled with phrases that could apply to the tram disaster. “Just take it out of overhead…” in today’s Oregonian is supposed to be about voter-owned elections, with a laughable point about the growing gulf between the business sector and city hall. I WISH there was more of a gulf between the power elite and their minions downtown. Then maybe we could get more distance between the power elite and the Oregonian, and we’d have a functional city.
In this gem, big business is calling the clean money bit “an expensive boondoggle, a solution in search of a problem.” Gee, where have you heard that kind of talk lately?
Here’s some more Tram Talk: It “harms the city’s ability to help solve other important problems – school funding, for example.”
Here’s a subtle one: “Anyone who’s ever tried to run a business can see the flaw in the “overhead” argument.” Plus there’s this phrase: “the flawed idea that big money dominates”? Of course they meant to say big money doesn’t dominate the election process, but they blew that, and didn’t even realize it! Yes, I agree! Having big money dominate IS a flawed idea.
The big close: “This wasteful and open-ended financial commitment.” Think tram liabilities. How much will we pay the first time something really goes wrong in the doctor-friendly skies over Portland?
Yes, folks, the Oregonian editors have now entered the Righteous Zone, where they are so deep in their own pompous spin that they can’t even see how funny they’re being.


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