Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sean Connery Anecdote Downsized

I just finished the script rewrite, (see post below), and as usual I sent the producer one of my typically optimistic emails: “Hollywood would be crazy not to make this picture.” Ahh, who has more fun with their little screenwriting fantasy than me? Okay, besides Mike Rich. You know, once I sold Leno a joke and later Sean Connery was a guest, and in his answer to a question, he referenced back to my joke and even acted it out a little. This became my “Sean Connery acted out something I wrote” anecdote. Our fellow-Portlander Mike Rich took a lot of steam out of that story when he wrote “Finding Forrester” starring one Sean Connery. Thanks a lot, Mike. Don’t trip on any of those big piles of money you’ve been making.


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