Saturday, January 21, 2006


It appears we are going into a dry spell in the weather, and while this is no reason to panic, the right precautions now could really pay off this summer. This week should be a drastic change from what we’ve been used to, so the Water Bureau believes this is a good time for a review. If the community cooperates voluntarily now, we can hopefully prevent any water-related mandates later:
1. Please avoid watering your lawn this week. No one likes a brown colored lawn, but that is the price we may have to pay, if this dry weather continues.
2. Try not to wash your car either. A dusty, dirty car should be seen as a sign of civic pride. However, if you must wash it, we ask that you look at the last digit of your social security number. If it is odd, wash your car on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. If it is even, wash your car on Thursday, Saturday, or Monday. Tuesdays are for motorcycles.
3. We also ask all area restaurants to serve water to their customers only upon request. This shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience, since the weather the last few weeks, has driven many people to alcoholic beverages anyway.


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