Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yikes - Confessions of a Duke Fan

I am a Duke fan this year and I realize that’s a shameful thing for a lot of people.
As with everything basketball-related in this town, I blame the Blazers. They hired Coach Dunleavy and so his son played high school hoops here. I just liked the kid’s game and his stoic presence in the local news highlights.
I even told my hoop-loving relatives back East to check the young man out, when he went to Duke. I also went to see his team play Portland State here at the Rose Garden. It wasn’t the national championship version, but they did have Jayson Williams. Somewhere along the line my intense displeasure with this group began to fade.
But this year is the first time I’m willing to admit it publicly. If you are a hoops fan and you’re not enjoying J.J. Redick's play, you are truly missing something incredible. This young man will be remembered as one of the true legends of college hoops.
So there you have it. I’m a Duke fan. Please don’t give up on me. One of the first things in recovery is to recognize that you have a problem.


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