Friday, January 20, 2006


Okay, don’t get the wrong impression about my sister Eileen just because she’s going to spend tomorrow in a bar in New Orleans. She’s got 4 kids and is ultra-Catholic, and makes me look like a hawk on Iraq. Last summer she had a milestone birthday and her husband, the great Ron, also known as the Ronster, offered to fly her anyplace in the world to celebrate. Guess where Eileen went? She drove herself to Crawford, Texas to join in an anti-war protest there.
Tomorrow is different. See, Eileen went to Georgetown so…Oh, hell, let’s just go to the email: “The Georgetown Club of New Orleans has invited alumni in the Southeast to come watch the Georgetown-Duke hoops game this Saturday at a bar in New Orleans. I feel it is my civic duty to go. Plus, having watched #1 Duke (17-0 for the season) take care of NC State last night, I think the Hoyas may need all the support they can get. There is supposed to be a large Duke contingent at the bar too and I hope they are all gentlemanly.

(See what the bar, the famous Cooter Brown's, used to be like at Sounds great!!)

This also gives me a chance to stop by Picayune on the way and check in with ----------------. Jan 25 will be the second anniversary of Elmer's death so it's timely. I'll leave here Friday about noon, drive the 5 hours to Picayune, spend the night there with Marian, pick up some freshly made King Cake at Paul's Pastry on the way out of town the next morning, and head on into the Big Greasy. If I can find some hot beignets somewhere, my trip will be complete. I will return to B'ham Saturday after the game, not only because I'm not sure about New Orleans after dark but also because I have a program bright and early Sunday morning at church. I'm now going to go study the Hoyas roster so I can be somewhat conversant on this year's team. –E”
I love Eileen.


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