Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Any Port Not In A Storm?

Apparently Congress didn’t get the memo that there was now just one branch of government and that George - the Keeper of All Power - can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and shut up, if you don’t like it.
This battle over the ports could be just the thing to get Georgie back in touch with the Constitution. He’s already come out and drawn his line in the sand, just like Daddy did way back when, saying if Congress passes a law declaring the United Arab Emirates government-owned company can’t run 6 of our most important ports, he will veto it.
You could tell the President was put upon that Congress would even consider crossing him. Didn’t Cheney call the representatives of the American People "gnats"? They’re only supposed to make noise when Georgie reads something profound during his State of the Union address, and even then it’s only half of them. How dare they suggest that they have a share of the power in this government?
Never mind that President Bush himself used anti-Middle East sentiments when he went after Iraq for 9/11. He was the one painting with the broad brush then. Does he really believe this is some kind of titanic clash of cultures or not? Is that just more spin to be trotted out when it helps and ignored otherwise? Why is he so adamant about this?
You can tell how Georgie really feels about Congress: He didn’t even ask them before approving the deal. Congressional participation in the affairs of state? That’s so yesterday. That’s more quaint than the Geneva Conventions. Even when they pass an anti-torture bill he lets them know he won't follow it if he doesn't feel like it. This isn't just a man anymore. This is the law. In his mind - and stop to think about that concept - he believes what he says goes.
So this could be just the time for Congress to reassert it’s power. You know: Checks and balances – like we learned in school. Of course, the President isn’t going to stand for it. He didn’t go to all the trouble of establishing a monarchy in this country to be overruled. Stay tuned. This should be good. He could lose both his monarchy and his presidency if he's not careful.


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