Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bush and Mix-Up in the Same Headline? No Way

Here is our President explaining why an energy lab's funds were cut. The State of the Union speech was supposed to be about healthcare but the White House realized they had nothing good to report. They switched at the last second to alternative energy, which led to President Bush's statements about oil that the White House discounted the next day. Now that the spin target of alternative fuel was in place, the White House, as usual, worked backward to try and make some of the facts fit. That's how the funding got restored to the energy lab. Those scientists owe their jobs to the failed healthcare policy of the Bush administration. Of course, down the road when the spin has no value anymore, the money will disappear again. It's called good government - Bush style. There was one hilarious sentence in the following article: "'You're doing great work here,' said Bush, who picked up a bottle of clear-colored ethanol and smelled it."
The President walking into a lab and taking a smell of something: The comedic, science-fiction possibilities are endless.
One great detail: They usually have Bush in a cuddly blue shirt when he talks to the people as in the New Orleans speech. It just helps his supporters feel the teenage puppy love for the guy. So in this picture they have him in a cuddly blue hardhat. Hilarious.
Bush Blames Energy Lab Cuts on Mix-Up - Yahoo! News


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