Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Chronicles of Portlandia

A mist lays heavy upon the Kingdom, but it is not weather-related. No, this mist is one of fear, glee, and anticipation for the Floggers of the Bog are about to return. Their leader Jack was seized by marauding spirits last week, and taken into exile. These devious demons replaced the original crew with hopeless imposters, spewing a forced niceness that fooled nobody.
A messenger has just now come on horseback from the Kingdom’s edge! The originals are in sight of the city gates, and should arrive at the stroke of midnight. The imposters with their mamby-bamby attitudes are even now preparing to flee. God help them if the real Jack should catch up.
For much has happened in the Kingdom of the Rose since the Floggers of the Bog were spirited away. A rich lord named Paul the Geekly from the north has threatened to move our merry band of hoopsters to another kingdom.
The Wizard Potter has no gold to pay this threat off.
And now the Dark Lords of the Forbidden Castle have announced that their twisted project – the beast of many wires - is the least of their financial demands. For the great site by the river turns out to be short of much gold, as well, and the peasants of the town fear the Jedi Council will sell them out once again.
All eyes search the horizon. The return of Jack and the Floggers of the Bog could be just in time.


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