Saturday, February 25, 2006

Counterfactual Computation, and Isn't It About Damn Time?

I would love to say I helped pioneer this concept in high school but my math skills are one of the few things I'm genuinely proud of. I can't believe this blog has made it this far without discussing my 760 in math on the SAT's that I took in 11th grade instead of 12th. Unfortunately that bastard Al Franken got a perfect 800.
My senior year we took a national achievement test and I aced that with an 800, so I can only dream of what might have been.
Oh well, here's a link that makes me glad I didn't go into quantum physics after all. They're so far through the looking glass now, they're in another universe looking back.

Quantum computer solves problem, without running: "counterfactual computation"


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