Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finally, A Cheney Joke

When the Vice President shot his lawyer buddy it was a challenge to every comedy writer in America, both pro and amateur alike. This past Friday on the last Olympic Tonight Show I finally had one on. I can now sleep peacefully knowing I finally participated in one of the great comedy opportunities in years: making fun of Dick Cheney and his shooting mishap. It is not how you start the race, but how you finish. First lets look back at 7 of mine that failed to medal, before the one that went for the gold:

1. Wow, Cheney shooting one of his buddies. You know, looking back

maybe it’s best that he didn’t go to Vietnam.

2. This thing reminded me of the Monica scandal. You had a senior

White House official shooting something off with really bad

aim. One hit a blue dress, the other hit a lawyer.

3. There’s more bad news from the Cheney incident. The shell

he fired turned out to be depleted uranium.

4. Harry Whittington made a statement today but it was hard

to hear with the wind whistling through the holes in his body.

5. It’s great to see Harry up. This is kind of like Ground Hog Day.

If the Cheney Shooting Victim comes out of his hospital room

that means 6 more weeks of Cheney jokes.

6. There’s more news about the Cheney quail hunt, and this is

so typical. It turns out Cheney lied to Harry Whittington to

get him to go along.

7. Let’s get back to the Olympics. Do you like the holes in the medals?

It’s just nice seeing holes Dick Cheney didn’t make with

a hunting rifle.

8. President Bush is getting so much bad publicity Dick Cheney

offered to shoot another hunter just to take the heat off.


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