Sunday, February 26, 2006

General Manager of the Century

Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas was with the Chicago White Sox for 16 seasons, but he had a problem with the way they phased him out of their future plans, even though they paid him a 3.5 million dollar buy-out clause after they had him participate in their World Series Celebrations. Frank says he’s mad that the team chairman didn’t call to inform him personally that he wasn’t coming back. He also implied that if he had known he wouldn’t have shown up at the World Series celebration events, even though he was with the team, although too injured to play. That’s right, the Big Hurt was hurt. At this time the general manager of the team is supposed to apologize and sugarcoat everything – maybe even sprinkle some gold dust on the 3.5 million check they paid the guy to leave. Here’s how Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams chose to respond about Frank: “He's an idiot. He's selfish. That's why we don't miss him.” Kenny elaborated, “"If he was any kind of a man, he would quit talking about things in the paper and return a phone call or come knock on someone's door. If I had the kind of problems evidently he had with me, I would go knock on his door. We don't miss him, by the way," Williams repeated. "If you go out there and ask any one of my players or staff members, we don't miss him. We don't miss his attitude. We don't miss the whining. We don't miss it. Good riddance. See you later."
Can you put a current general manager in the Hall of Fame?
This is why I like the city of Chicago.


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