Sunday, February 19, 2006

J.J. Redick: Duke’s All-Time Leading Scorer

The storybook season in college hoops continues. J.J. Redick passed Johnny Dawkins as the greatest scorer in Duke history in a home win over Miami. Duke haters are everywhere so to them this is no big deal, but I’ve watched a lot of college hoops in my life, and missing this is to deny a rare treat in sports.
One measure of greatness in events is the feeling that you’re looking at pages in a history book even as the events happen. That’s how Larry Bird got to be known as Larry Legend. J.J. Redick has that. And both on the court and off, he just seems too good to be true. Sure, his post-game quotes can sometimes seem unimaginative. He knows the right things to say and he says them. But today he showed some genuine emotion as he goes through his last games at Duke. Adam Morrison might be a better NBA prospect but J.J. appears to be a better person. This is one of those fun times when the right character is matched with the talent. And there’s something about it that is unique to college sports. This is Doug Flutie playing basketball. Hoop fans can only blame themselves if they don’t catch on


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