Saturday, February 25, 2006

National Shootout? Adam and J.J. Both Score 11

If you’ve been following the storybook nature of this year’s scoring race between Duke’s J.J. Redick and Gonzaga’s Adam Morrison, today was a pause in the action. Sure, J.J. broke the ACC scoring record in a win against a rough and tumble Temple squad, but they controlled him with a box and one defense and lots of hard fouls. He finished with 11. Frankly, Redick looks a little burnt emotionally. It must be tough being a college rock star; you’ve got the pressure without the money and you still have to do your homework. Who knows why but he doesn’t seem to be smiling like earlier in the year, even after breaking a big record.
Gonzaga played San Diego – as usual they have a much lighter schedule. Any kind of average night for Morrison could have decided the national scoring race which hovers around 28 or 29. Incredibly he came up with 11 as well. Both contenders had identical low scores. Maybe that is a little like a storybook after all.
One interesting halftime feature of the Duke game was the impressions of a college player from Memphis who has defended both of these prolific scorers. As I noticed myself, JJ is a great 2 guard, but Adam is much taller, lankier and has a beastly inside game. JJ doesn't have a pro low-post game, but for hoops fans there’s always the magic of this college scoring duel. Plus March awaits like a beast of its own.


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