Monday, February 20, 2006

The Results Are In – Charlie Went National

The word from Spokane is that the tape from the ESPN telecast has been reviewed, and yes, my friend and former bandmate Charlie Butts did make it on the air with part of his National Anthem. Apparently “College Game Day” was also broadcast from the Kennel in Spokane, so he was on prior to Dick Vitale’s introduction. I have seen the DVD of this performance - it took place before the Gonzaga basketball game against Stanford with Adam Morrison in the house - and Charlie completely crushed it on his saxophone. Indeed, if Charlie is ever tried for sedition by a corrupt government, all he has to do is play this tape and no tribunal will convict him. He has a “Get out of Guantanemo Free” Pass for life, here - it is that good. Of course, as a member of his former band – someone who suffered through the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” along with him - I felt tremendous pride watching this. It was like winning an argument. Charlie can play.


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