Friday, February 24, 2006

Wild Speculation and Some Serious Daydreaming

When President Bush visited that alternative energy lab the other day, and picked up the bottle of God-knows-what to take a good whiff, he also had some interesting comments. He talked about developments in energy that Americans would find spectacular. He went on to talk about batteries and solar power, so it was probably just more of the endless stream of misinformation and hype, but I’m not going to head into this weekend without at least one positive possibility. First the bad news:
Iran is making deals to supply oil to China and Russia. Thanks to the reckless spending of George and company, China now controls our economic future. If they don’t keep funding our debt, which goes up well over a billion dollars each day, we will be in big trouble.
If we go into Iran, we will be tampering with China. We will also be disrupting China’s oil supply. The reason China doesn’t want America in a depression is that it loses its investment in us. But what happens if China views the failure of America, as the only way for it to get enough oil? China has the power to drop our economy, and the new oil crunch will give it a motive. Something doesn’t add up here. I don’t get why we are hell bent to disrupt the world’s oil supply. Can Bush and Cheney really be that dumb?
Now comes the wild daydream part: What if, just maybe, President Bush knows something is in the works that we don’t know about yet - something in the alternative energy area that really is going to be spectacular and change things. It certainly was cruel to use the word “spectacular” if he’s just talking about solar panels and batteries. Of course, we all know this guy can be cruel, or maybe he got a hit out of whatever he was sniffing from that lab bottle, but here’s my wild thought for the weekend: What if there’s a top secret breakthrough in zero point energy or cold fusion or something else, that’s about to wind down the age of oil? This is wild speculation and daydreaming but it's about the only way to explain the behavior of our leaders. If it isn't something like this, the only other explanation is that these guys are monumentally stupid - which is a real possibility. Sure, a new energy source is farfetched, but I’ll put it another way: If there isn’t one, than the population of the world - which is scheduled to hit 6.5 billion on this very day - will be in serious trouble. We doubled in 50 years, and we could lose 3 billion that quickly as well. Have a good weekend.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger rickyragg said...

I think Bush plans somehow to hook a squirrel cage and a generator to your keyboard.

I'd call that spectacular.

As long as the 3 billion are liberals, who'd miss 'em???




You asked.

P.S. I hate "Nice Week"; does it make me look fat?

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Deb said...

What if....nutcase really does believe in Rapture! What if....lyingcheating traitorousbastard wants to be a super good bornagain and therefore doesn't really want a peaceful resolution to our problems? just wondering...


What if he is a hopeless negative-thinking drunk who believes the end of the world is coming with or without him all he cares about is grabbing what he can when he can...the greedylying


What if the lyingcheating SOB really is as stupid as he sounds thereby appealing to morons who think the world would be better off without liberals. Just wondering.


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