Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Big John Connally and the Magic Bullet

I saw this guy with my own eyes. He was running for president and he swung through Portland - I waited on him at the banquet. He was John Connally, one of the actual victims in the assassination of JFK. I stood behind him and looked down where the bullet struck – the one that would become known as the magic bullet. Naturally, I wanted to ask him what he really thought. Frankly, I seem to remember footage of him saying something that disputed the Warren Report to some degree, but he didn’t actively question it. Now a blogger linked below claims Connally never bought the Oswald-lone-assassin story.
The history of this reverberates in my brain. What were the words he said to JFK just before it happend? Something like, “You can’t say Texas doesn’t love you, Mr. President”? Then the gunshots rang out and America changed.
I stayed in the room to hear the speech. Connally struck me as the prototypical Texan - bigger than life. The Bushes were Ivy League transplants but Big John was the real thing. I remember thinking he didn’t seem to project the right politician vibe for a successful run. He was a long shot. Let me rephrase that. He was an unlikely choice for a candidate, too brash, too real. I was sad for him later when he went bankrupt and they sold his saddles and stuff right out of the house. It was a scene from one of those big Texan movies.
The heaviest part, of course, was to be a couple of feet behind him, looking down at the chest, and the wrist where the magic bullet hit last. But there was one moment that stirred the crowd during the speech. He said we should send him to Washington as President because he knew where all the bodies were buried. That gave me a chill. Clearly Big John knew some secrets. He was American history and I saw him with my own eyes.
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