Saturday, March 25, 2006

Charlie Sheen and 9/11

You know Dad is proud. How many times did Martin Sheen stick out his neck for a political cause? You know CNN is happy. How often does one of their stories generate this kind of response? The topic: Charlie Sheen going public with his doubts about the official story on 9/11. As I said on my cable access show, I will look into this matter and I will keep an open mind. As far as conspiracy theories go I have my limits. I do not believe that Katrina was manmade except in the general sense of global warming.
I do not believe NASA faked the moon landings. However, as some of my close friends know, I am a big UFO nut. It is one of my favorite areas of open-minded research. I do not believe JFK was killed by a lone gunman. I believe TWA 800 was probably brought down by a missile. I believe the government opened fire on the compound at Waco, and that the rhythmic muzzle blasts were captured by an infrared camera on a passing helicopter. These light patterns were not caused by the glinting of the sun as the official story reports. I believe there’s a lot in the known 9/11 facts that implicate elements in the U.S. government as far as allowing the event to happen and covering up the truth later. I believe they had advanced knowledge. If you want to check it out, look at Building 7, look at the exercises being run that day that involved flying planes into buildings, and that are even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. Study the role of Dick Cheney, ponder how the Payne Stewart intercept happened and why that didn’t happen on 9/11. There’s a lot there. I’d read the following book: Crossing the Rubicon.
What we can’t allow ourselves to do, is to be kept from the truth by fear, or just by how unsettling the truth might be. Check it out, and then speak your mind. Whether or not Charlie Sheen is right or not, he was right to say this if that is what he believes. It was courageous to go public with this stuff. I’m sure people you know believe the same things in the secrecy of their own thoughts. Maybe even you. One thing is for sure: This group of leaders has shown they are capable of a great deal. We know that just from the death toll. I don’t sense an overriding concern with the rule of law here, either.
We have a lot more to lose by sheep-like compliance than by conceding our right to question the official position of our government. 9/11 is full of intriguing questions. Just because the potential conclusions are so damning, doesn’t excuse us from asking them. Charlie Sheen is to be commended.


At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill and everyone,

Be sure to check out the following link and see the full length documentary. It fully debunks the official (lunatic) theory that the WTC building collapsed due to jet fuel fire, and also clearly demonstrates that these buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions, especially WTC7 that wasn't even hit by a plane. And oh yeah, there was no Boeing 757 anywhere near the Pentagon "crash" site. The building was likely bombed.

Those who are looking for answers should start by asking the real questions. This video will help you ask them. In the America we are supposed to have, Charlie Sheen would just be an ordinary guy, but he's a hero in this fascist Bush world because he somehow slipped through the strangle hold of the right wing corporate media and got to express his well-founded doubts on the air. We should all be out there spreading this information:

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

How abut the stock market moves just prior to 9/11 and who they led back to?

At 3:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Instead of blaming some crazy Islamic fanatics for causing 9/11, now you want to blame Dick Cheney?

What does that mean? Absolving these religious fanatics of the crimes that they committed. You make me sick.


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