Friday, March 31, 2006

Condi: The U.S. Made "Thousands" of Mistakes in Iraq

I sense another change of direction in the crumbling mess that is the White House. The other day Rumsfeld gave the U.S. a D or D plus grade when it came to getting our message across in the Middle East. Oh, Donald, I think they get what you’re all about just fine.
Then Andrew Card was tossed overboard in violation of the Bush Doctirne: No Matter How Badly You Screw Up, You Keep Your Job and May Even Get a Medal of Freedom.”
Now we get Condi’s statement that the Bush administration made “thousands” of mistakes in Iraq. What’s next? Will she say, “No one could have imagined Iraq would turn out so badly”?
This whole administration makes me sick, but I was always a little more disgusted by Condi. Clearly, she’s smarter than the rest of the group.
For all Rumsfeld’s swagger and Dick Cheney’s phony tough guy act, I always saw them as foolish men whose principal talent was acting macho in meetings. I always thought Rumsfeld was a little clownish with his unknown knowable routine.
And Cheney? Cheney’s just a twisted idiot, saying things like, “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” That statement by the way was so dumb, it could lead to the downfall of America as a superpower.
But Condi? She had brains. She was brought in to tutor President Bush and give him a cookie if he got an answer right. Of course, he never did, but along the way, she got his complete trust. She gets to be Secretary of State in exchange for her loyalty. And oh, how the lies flowed. She just seemed too eager to lie for this guy. It was disgusting.
Another of President Bush’s central doctrines is that mistakes are never made. Clearly, this week they had a little meeting and realized to continue acting like everything is going great at this point, just makes them look like lunatics. So Andrew Card is gone and the rest of them are starting to act humble. Ahh, The Rule of Spin. What a disaster. Even when they pretend to act humble and genuine, it’s contrived.
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