Sunday, March 26, 2006

Congress, Bribes, and the Charity Scam

It’s enough to take your breath away reading about how moral our members of Congress are. Not only do they have time for lobbyists, but they even find time for charities. Of course, members of their staffs and family end up working for these charities, and they have to get paid, don’t they?
I mean just because charity begins at home, doesn’t mean it can’t end at the bank. Oh, and some of the big donors to the charities just happen to be the lobbyists who want favors from the Congressmen. Wow, damn nice to see they have charity in their hearts too. So in effect, the money goes from the lobbyists to the members of the Congressman’s staff. Now some of you cynical bastards out there might call this bribe money. You might note that Tom Delay’s chief of staff received over a third of the money headed for one of these charities. That’s right, he received over a million dollars for his work on the charity, while he was employed by Tom Delay.
You should also check out the numbers behind the pious Rick Santorum’s foundation. So far he refuses to explain how so much money went through his organization to people who helped him in return. Of course, the liberal media refuses to see the good side of what's going on here. So much wonderful work, so much giving. We’re just blessed to live in a time when Congressional leaders have this kind of goodness in their hearts.
Former DeLay Aide Enriched By Nonprofit


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Matt Taibbi, April 6 issue of Rolling Stone. Jack abram off.


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