Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush Brings Hope To Millions: Talks About Future Presidents

President Bush made it clear today that the troops would stay in Iraq, and that a future President would bring them home. This sparked a wave of joy across America as people reminded themselves that America will eventually be through with the Bush administration. Sure, he’s discarded the Constitution, but at least he’s not planning on seizing control forever. Hearing him discuss a time when he is no longer in charge, was one of the truly uplifting moments of his years in office. It generated a wave of optimism that is the hallmark of the American character. Moving on from this guy? Talk about your American Dream.
President Bush also got off one of his classic idiotic lines in the same press conference, and he didn’t even have to mangle any words to do it. Dismissing calls for changes in his team, he said, “"We've been a remarkably stable administration and I think that's good for the country." Isn’t that just darling? A remarkably stable administration? How does the press listen to comments like that without breaking into tears of laughter? Getting into a war for the wrong reasons, is not a sign of stability. It's more wild and reckless, much as shooting someone in the face with a shotgun would be.
With Cheney’s ridiculous comment Sunday, that makes two classic lines in 48 hours. That was the one where he said his claim that we would be welcomed as liberators in Iraq was “basically accurate.” Here’s a quote from Bush a few months ago that might shed some light on Cheney’s claims: "I think we are welcomed. But it was not a peaceful welcome." —George W. Bush, NBC Nightly News interview, Dec. 12, 2005.
People are increasingly saying that this is the worse President in the history of the United States, and I think they’re being overly optimistic. I’m just praying that he isn’t the last President of the United States, and the country will go on. He’s got 2 years, ten months and a day and anything is possible. Clinton brought an intern to her knees. Bush is bringing America to its knees.


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