Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dan Saltzman Flips – More City Money To Fund Tram

Randy Leonard has been saying there was no way Dan Saltzman would give more city money to the tram, but tonight Channel 8 is reporting that a deal has been made, and Dan Saltzman is the man who caved. At this point tram opponents can only shake their heads in frustration, knowing we never really took these city commissioners seriously when they spouted their rhetoric of fiscal responsibility amidst the incompetence. Trying to pressure them to stick to their newfound fiscal outrage was worth a shot. The latest budget for the tram is funded and it’s all systems go. Yes, it was a defeat, but if we brought the time one day closer when Portland would have a responsible budget process, then it was all worth it. And now that the tram appears ready to be built, let us all hope that it turns out to be a terrific idea, and that Dan Saltzman is not seen as the man who sold out Portland, but as the man who saved the best idea in years.


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there's some surplus material from the reservoir capping he can send them to use.


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