Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jimi Hendrix: The Band That Might Have Been by Jack Bogdanski

Such is the level of my blog skills, that I occasionally miss something obvious. An early example was the time one of my posts was picked up by the Fark site. I noticed the numbers leaping upwards but I had no idea why. I even had a couple of posts imploring visitors to explain what was going on. Through that experience I can now use the data options, which allowed me to track one visit to Brazil and another to Slovenia yesterday. What a thrill. On a ham-radio level blogging is the best.
A few entrys down I posted my musical trio's one and only promo shot and I finished by wondering if Jimi Hendrix would have ever gotten in a raft for a publicity shot on the Willamette. I asked about our effort, “Where’s the dignity?” Jack Bogdanski replied, “I dunno.” Which I took to mean, “Yes, the picture was a little undignified.” Instead as my sister pointed out this morning, you can click on it, and get Jack’s real answer to the idea of Jimi Hendrix on the Willamette. Jimi was right up the road in Seattle, so I guess if I had grown up there we might have met. But I don’t think he would be playing bass, while I was the guitarist in the group. That part is a stretch. Great effort, Jack. Sorry I didn’t pick up on it sooner.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Editor at Large said...

Yeah, Hendrix on bass...that would be like Ginger Baker on tambourine, or Eric Clapton on autoharp.

Even weirder: last weekend we visited Paul Allen's Experience Music Project - a lavish but vacuous homage to the Jimi Hendrix Experience - and the informational signs throughout the Hendrix exhibit spelled his first name "Jimmy."

If Allen's signmakers can't even spell Hendrix's first name correctly, it's no wonder his basketball players can't find the hoop.

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Jack Bog said...

Actually, Hendrix is submerging the bass to put out the flames after one of the Lighter Notes doused the instrument with Everclear and set a match to it on stage. He's saying, "You're bummin' me out, man."

"No, no, Jimi, let it burn!" the bass guy replies. "It's not a performance thing, man. I'm just burnin' it because it's such a cr*ppy bass."

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We actually opened for Jimi's brother Leon at the Seattle Hempfest the past two years, nice guy, looks like his brother. I was also air-brushed into that photo, you won't catch me standing in a rubber boat...Tim Pate

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

That comment from the Editor-at-Large about the spelling of Jimi Hendrix at Paul Allen's museum really does say a lot. That's the kind of detail I always looked for to make a column more vivid, so thanks.


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