Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Main Tram Award Is Ready

The award for the guest of honor at the Tram Awards is ready to be presented this Tuesday night at 6pm. It came out great - and it's custom-designed for the recipient's decor. Many of us first tuned into city government run amok when we read about a pizza parlor being charged $36,000 to move across the street. The owner of the pizza parlor fought back and inspired many Portland citizens to take notice. The one serious award at the Tram Awards will go to Carl Sandstrom, the owner of that restaurant: “It’s a Beautiful Pizza.” The classic part is this is the first award in history given to someone while they work. The Tram Awards will be held in his restaurant and Carl will be there that night, still working off what the city government charged him to move from 3341 to 3342 SE Belmont. The media and some of the candidates have been notified. I hope you can join us. The rallying call is “Fight City Hall – Have a Slice of Pizza!”


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