Saturday, April 15, 2006

My, How Times Have Changed


Maybe this Easter we should reflect on the difference between talking about how moral we are, and acting that way. If you believe in God, it follows that God’s children come in many different colors, and from many different countries - even Iraq. And if you're celebrating a resurrection, don’t forget that some people are tortured to death but they don’t get to come back in a couple of days. Happy Easter, everyone.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, a quick spit on Easter. (Below, the reason I came by.)

WHEN is Easter? Or, why ain't it always on the 25th, or some definite date, like Christmas?

Perhaps ALL WAR is religious war, I don't know, but loser GOD certainly has killed many human souls trying to be a winner, and winner GOD plainly is a loser for the human souls killed as a way to worship.

It is a long history, left as an exercise for the student, to learn the only difference in religions -- and what ALL the murdering comes down to being about -- is the calendar: What TIME is it?

I am not going to show my work, and only write down the answer. This is the conclusion to be sure you base your facts on.

Every 'major' (you're supposed to read: 'legitimate') world religion has a calendar, no major religion does not have its own calendar. The Catholics, (and thence their Protester-ants, and Jesus Jumpers), have a solar calendar; Jews, Muslims, Hindis, 'Chinese' (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, et al -- the enlightened ones with no Deity but self-possession), each have a variation of a lunar calendar. So that's the bit where Catholicstripes were the only ones to devotedly go off-to-tell-the-world missionary, who came to explain it in your head. Everyone everywhere else already knew the days since they could see the moon with their own eyes, very egalitarian.

And THAT is what all the religious WAR, which is ALL WAR, is over. The calendar of US or the calendar of THEM.

The reason (I think) most people do not know when Easter is -- after the vernal equinox, watch for the next Full Moon, the Sunday after the Full Moon is Easter -- is because the Catholic's solar calendar uses the Heathen Pagan's lunar calendar to set the date of Easter each year. People don't know because Catholics don't say because their ritual calendar is adulterated.

Peace on Earth means we all use the same calendar. The universal, non-denominational, unreligious calendar is the Julian Date calendar. By that calendar, today is astronomical JD 2,453,841. Tomorrow is 24153,842. Yesterday was 24153,840. This is the time fundamental in the computer program in a spacecraft off the Earth where there is no day or night or moon or seasons. See, it doesn't 'repeat,' there's no cycles. What's time to a flying gig?

Next Easter is 24154,200. Now in some circles, such as those around a hearthfire, that is Big Magic to show to all -- and enforce -- the date of next Easter, the next day you can have a thimble of wine or whatever the spring inebriation / new-mind ritual is. I'm a 'shrooms eclectic myself.

There is no magic to it. It is straightforward Newtonian numberbumping, wham bam, the equinox (always about Mar.20), the next Full Moon, (there's the pagan, in its believing what its eyes see overhead -- the Moon, and not 'believing'-thinking-acting on and according to 'ethereal exalted precepts' -- the Sun's 'cycle' which you can navigate oceans by), and then the next Sunday, (and the problem there is illustrated when the westside gang Pope on the Po (Gregory) expended 10 days from the "Sun cycle" as a one-time re-numbering fee, and the eastside gang Pope on the Bosphorus did not co-sign. So Eastern 'orthodoxically' numbered Catholics mark Easter in, about, like 10 days, although that varies. 'They' got a Sundays schism ) No magic. Just arithmetic. Use your head.

Everybody's just trying to get laid and be laying. It's a cycle. It happens every year at this time. Do the math. Or, I'll do the math, you take a swig of this ... say, wanna come see some of my numbers ...?

What does the May Pole remind you of, quick?

Imagine if you could aim the power in that thing.... you'd have an army! wanting to get drunk.
... Now you're doing it, feng shui.

Praise time from whom all conscious flows.
Praise time all creatures here below.
Praise time above ye heavenly hosts.
Praise farther, soon, and died almost.

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen, the reason I stopped in.

A while back I commented somewhere here that both 'armies' in Iraq are our guys, which means US taxpayers are buying the bullets and roadside bombs for both sides.

Think of it as a Black-army / Brown-army war game war exercise. Thinking that way, one thing that suddenly makes sense is how come the taxpayer-funded Pentagon can tell us how long it, the war game, is going to last. "This war is going to take decades, all the foreseeable future," they told us, or something like that. Well, pfthhht, yeah!, if you're running both Punch and Judy.

In realpolitick, others may consider how viciously determined The War Game Planners are to keep Director Rummy in command of it. Bumping him out for someone else now, would be like him giving up a slot machine after he's got it redhot ready to jackpot.

I figured Bill reckoned I had tin-pated my sanity clause by commenting that both warring sides are the same taxpayers. Then comes supporting evidence. [Link also up through] If you kinda squint at what you're reading:

U.S. arming of Iraq cops skates close to legal line
Required checks on rights abuses skipped

By Cam Simpson and Liz Sly
Tribune correspondents
Published April 15, 2006, 12:15 PM CDT

WASHINGTON -- U.S. officials are doling out millions of dollars of arms and ammunition to Iraqi police units without safeguards required to ensure they are complying with American laws that ban taxpayer-financed assistance for foreign security forces engaged in human-rights violations, according to an internal State Department review.

The previously undisclosed review shows that officials failed to take steps to comply with the laws over the past two years, amid mounting reports of torture and murder by Shiite-dominated Iraqi security forces. The review comes at a time when the U.S. military emphasis in Iraq has switched to training and equipping Iraqi forces ...
Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I hope you come to "It's A Beautiful Pizza" on Tuesday, the 25th of April (there's that calender again)from 6 to 8. I'd like to meet you.
Bill McDonald

At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't got any 'shrooms, man.

Are you a with anchovies or without kinda guy. Either way, I hope to be there.

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I used to be in a band called the Shrooms. Tuesday the 25th is the "Tram Awards" at "It's a Beautiful Pizza". My trio will play a few songs and they're will be some kind of program, but nothing too serious. I'm calling for some of the Blogger Nation to emerge.

At 3:23 AM, Blogger Frank Dufay said...

Anchovies rule...


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