Tuesday, April 11, 2006

President Bush: Leaking on Himself

President Bush turns out to be the leaker that he vowed to track down and fire. Of course, he says he declassified the parts of the documents he leaked – and even though they had discredited information designed to mislead us about Iraq, President Bush says he did it so we would have “the truth.”
I’m feeling something I didn’t even think was possible: I’m actually disappointed in him. This is just such smalltime, third-grade style lying. Where’s the class? Maybe that’s what declassify really means. President Bush is just such a low-rent, classless dumb-ass, that he’s declassifying the Presidency. He’s gone from a 40-year-old booze-swilling drunk in some tavern restroom taking a leak, to the leader of the Free World, taking distorted and discredited information and making a leak.
All I can keep telling myself is, “Thank God the Iraq War is going so well, or these revelations would be a big problem.” By the way, when the NSA story broke, the White House went out of its way to reassure Americans that this was only for calls to other countries. In the last week, it was revealed that, no, actually it was for domestic calls and emails as well. This is your White House: when they’re caught in one lie they run out another, and there’s so many, that the truth gets buried in the B.S.
Now the NSA is claiming they have the right to know where Americans hide their Easter eggs. Folks, when is this going to stop?


At 10:51 AM, Blogger JustaDog said...

A president has the authority to declassify what was previously classified. When that is done it is no longer a "leak" - no matter how desperately liberals want it to be.

Some examples that had a more serious impact: President Johnson (liberal) leaked to the world that we had the U-2 spy plane. President Clinton (liberal) leaked to the world the existance of stealth technology and that the USA had stealth fighters.

In both of those cases above it was a true leak since neither went through the formal declassification process - they just spewed it to the press.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, justadog has it right! Whatever the preznit does, it's right 'cuz he done it! Take that, you stoopid liberals!

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to brew a constitutional crisis.

Those around the President understand the necessity of ceating an impeneratable shield behind which they can hide. Look for his continued public exposure to increase as compared to his previous staged appearances. This will give him the opportunity to be strong and to accept the full responsibility for the decisions carried out.

If the surveillance is ruled unconstitutional, then it is just a question of obedience.
One more act of 'war' on american soil and the current Commander-in-Chief will do what he wants. The terrorists will have won, for it was never their intention to control our lands (the objective of 'war'), but just control our minds (the objective of terrorism).

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

One difference, Justadog: You used the phrase "true leak" but you forgot to mention the information leaked by those other presidents really was true. The information Bush picked was parts of documents that had been discredited. This is of value in proving he was continuing to try and decieve the America people about the war. I believe lying us into war was an impeachable offense. It certainly wasn't an honorable thing to do.
And now we've been stuck there for 21 years. I put it into dog years for you.


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