Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Invitation to Lars Larson and David Reinhard

Dear Lars Larson and David Reinhard,
As Portland’s leading chicken hawks, you deserve a special invitation to HBO’s documentary “Bagdhad ER.” After all you are the two most visible and blustery supporters of our war in Iraq – even though I’m told you never donned the uniform yourselves to participate in combat. Why not see what you helped market to the American people? You might want to watch it together in case you become frightened – the images are extremely graphic. The opening scene is a doctor disposing of an amputated arm and it just builds from there. Maybe you should meet at one of those fancy restaurants downtown, and imbibe first. Try to build your courage up. Or you can just drink water so the full impact of what you see can hit you. After all, you’ve been carrying water for the chicken hawks in the Bush administration for years now – talking or writing tough from the comfort of your radio booth or Oregonian desk. Well, it’s finally your opportunity to get a good look at what you’ve helped to accomplish. The program is on May 21st on HBO – a real glimpse at our soldiers being wounded and dying in the Iraq war. Not the carefully sanitized version your buddies in the White House presented to the nation. They sure don’t want America getting a look at this. Especially after it has been proven that the White House lied us into this conflict. This could be tough on you, David and Lars – you could have some guilt. You might even need some time off. I have an idea. How about resigning from your jobs and spending the rest of your lives helping these wounded soldiers? You’re all about supporting the troops, right?


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Samuel John Klein said...

Two reasons to nix:

1)No talking points for David. He'd have to think.
2)No provision of popinjay puffery POVs for Lars.

Nice suggestion, tho'.

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