Friday, May 26, 2006

On To The Summer of 2006

Okay, things are starting to take shape here. My joke bombed last night, but I've had a bunch on lately so I can handle it. Besides my late night friend is off next week, so he'll have a chance to forget. The joke was, "They’ve found an ancient Roman city underwater off Egypt. They believe it happened during the reign of Emperor Ray Nagin."
Too far to go, folks. Frankly, another one of mine bombed on Monday: “Madonna started her concert tour here in LA and during the show she was hung from a crucifix. Usually she only gets crucified in movie reviews.” I’m not afraid to say that didn’t exactly wow America either.
Oh well, I’ve got one more TV batch today, then I’m going to send the script rewrite in. I’ve got a final batch of jokes around 11a.m. for the radio network, and then it’s off to the summer of 2006. I sense from my contacts in the TV comedic community that everyone is a little burnt. It’s a Sweeps thing.
Saturday the band gets back together. We’ve got a gig on 6-6-06 at the Rose Festival, then out to the Hillsboro market a week later. No more movie shenanigans for me. The scripts are like fishing lines on a warm summer day. You relax on the bank, and forget about them, only coming to attention if you get a bite.


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