Sunday, June 11, 2006

Grieve Not, America, the Brain Trust Is Gathering

The next two days will feature a Camp David retreat to find a new solution in Iraq. How can a gathering of minds like this fail? All the people who looked at the Iraqi Invasion as a good idea in the first place, combining their brain power for a new plan? This should be easy! The Camp David setting is perfect: President Bush can solve world problems and stuff, and still get out on his bicycle before dark. In fact, that's the latest imagery the White House is using. We're going to try and let go of the bicycle seat in Iraq and see if the new government can keep the bicycle upright. Gee, how did this image drop into their fertile minds? Could they have gotten the idea from watching George pedal around? Are they saying it's our own President who still needs the training wheels? Another official chimed in with an even more realistic assessment: He called the meeting the "last, best chance to get this right." Wait, what happened to the famous resolve? You mean the White House now sees the Iraq plan in big trouble? Wow, I thought God himself gave George the OK on this one. You mean God got it wrong? Oh well, thank goodness we've got this meeting at Camp David. Not for a day, not for a day and a half. No, they're devoting two whole days to the new plan. And that's just a precaution, given the type of minds we have assembled here. In fact, President Bush might as well wear his spandex. With this brain trust, he'll be back on his bicycle by Monday afternoon.
U.S. Seeking New Strategy for Buttressing Iraq's Government - New York Times


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