Saturday, June 24, 2006

Iraq: Bad Plan or the Work of Satan?

President Bush better get out another Medal of Freedom. A new hero has emerged from the Republican Party - a hero who could provide them with what they want most: A cover story for Iraq. Last week's attempt to claim the WMDs really had been found, didn't gain the traction Rush and the gang were looking for, but just when things looked bleak, a Republican Congressional candidate from Utah blamed his own campaign woes on Satan. Finally, someone who gets it! So for all you Right Wingers out there, the new talking points on Iraq are here. Repeat after me: 1. President Bush asked Jesus if we should invade Iraq, and Jesus said yes. 2. Just when things were looking great there, Satan interfered. 3. Jesus now wants you to defeat the Democrats in November or else Satan will win in Iraq. Everybody got that? Oh yeah, there's one final point: Saddam did have WMDs but after we invaded, Satan turned them invisible. Are we clear on that? Okay, everybody fan out across America and spread the word. - Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles On The Devil


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