Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Like We Learned It In Spring Training

The trouble with stupid plays in baseball is that you look so stupid doing them. The worse your mistake, the more players you have scrambling around trying to make up for it. If the play keeps going on and on that's a bad sign. If the scorer needs a few minutes just to count all the errors, you're in real trouble.
Baseball never gets tired of statistics, right? There should be a record for the longest time between the first error in a play and the last. We could start today with the Boston Red Sox. Here's how the play developed: 1. The Red Sox pitcher throws a passed ball, so the Yankee runner on first heads for second. 2. The Red Sox catcher grabs the ball that hasn't rolled too far by him and tries to throw the runner out at second. 3. The throw sails into right field and the runner heads for third. 4. The catcher heads toward third to cover the potential throw there. 5. The third base coach stops the runner but then points to the catcher halfway up the line, with no one covering home. 6. The runner breaks for home so Little League players everywhere were treated to the sight of the Yankee runner and the Boston catcher running side-by-side to home plate. 7. The throw comes in and if it had been perfect, there was enough separation for the catcher to catch it and tag out the runner right beside him. 8. The throw is far from perfect, but then again you don't often throw to someone while they're running in from third. The throw was wide so the catcher lunged at it, missed it, and the runner scored. As the Yankee fans roared, the catcher, who is also the Red Sox captain, walked to retrieve the ball at the backstop. Oh well. As someone who butchered a few plays myself catching in Little League, sometimes it's good when you can put the mask back on. That was the 1st inning gem. It's now the third inning and the Red Sox are losing 13 to 2. Play ball.


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the Red Sox are losing 13 to 2..."

Best post you've ever written, Bill!!! GO YANKEES!


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