Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stephen Hawking: A Beautiful Mind

One of the weirdest events I ever went to was Stephen Hawking's appearance at the Keller Auditorium. In fact in one week I saw Stephen Hawking, Robin Williams and Prince. That was cerebral overload. You probably know the story of Hawking's medical problems forcing him to talk with a machine. At that time he didn't appear to have anything pre-recorded so he would enter the words for a sentence or two and then this computer-generated voice would speak. At first I thought it couldn't work - how could a lecture that was interrupted every sentence or two for several minutes of dead air, keep the audience's interest? This is where you get into the area of non-verbal communication or the presence of a soul because the audience was more than entertained. It was sort of blissful to be in the same room with this guy. Sure, the respect factor was there to be in the presence of one of the planet's great minds, and there was the basic love for someone who was fighting through a serious medical condition. So everyone settled in and just began to listen to what he wanted to say. It soon became obvious that most of the sentences were so heavy that you appreciated the time in between to ponder the last one. Plus, he was funny. Of course, these quantum physics people are so far out there now that it makes any religious explanation you encounter seem less farfetched. In fact, I've seen articles since then sort of questioning String Theory and the idea of all these other dimensions to explain the weird readings they get on gravity. Oh well, I'll always consider it a rare treat to have seen one of the truly fascinating characters on the planet right now. The event started out weird, and then became a lot of fun. The aftermath was a really serene feeling in the head. Oh yeah, the universe is like the skin of an ever-expanding balloon or like the shadows of light from a campfire flickering onto the wall of a cave. Got it, everybody?

BREITBART.COM - Hawking says humans close to finding answers to origin of universe


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