Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wanted: Rich Conservative Victims of the Bush Years

Liberals have been accused by Ann Coulter of using victims to make their case, so that the hopelessly sensitive Right Wing can't fire back. Apparently, Republicans running Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court is not enough to get their message out. And despite the fact that they somehow managed to use the mainstream media to get us involved in the Iraq War, they still haven't been given a chance to defend their decision properly in public. Why? Because those mean liberals hide behind Cindy Sheehan. That's what's wrong with this country: When it comes to rich conservative victims of the Bush years, there isn't an even playing field. So this is an urgent plea for more of you to come forward. If you feel victimized by the Bush tax cuts because you already had your money in an offshore tax shelter, speak out. If the Federal Reserves recent rise in interest rates have negated the gains you've made during this troubling last year, now is your chance to unburden your souls. Somewhere out there is a rich conservative who was all set to fly the private jet to Boca Raton or Palm Springs for a weekend at a resort back in 2001. Maybe you had one of those golf tournaments with Tom Delay. Maybe you were going to mix with great Americans like Ken Lay, and discuss this country's future energy policy. Maybe you were going to talk about which piece of the Iraq oil you'd like if we ever found an excuse to invade. But what happened? 9/11 happened, that's what. Almost all aviation was grounded and your plans were postponed. The 9/11 widows might be enjoying their husbands deaths, as Ann Coulter points out, but you hated it. Maybe there was a time-share deposit you couldn't get refunded. You've been victimized, too. Where's the sympathy? Maybe one of your servants was sent to Iraq and got a limb blown off so he's not half the butler he used to be. The heartbreak is you still have to give him his old job back, and that's not fair. There are rich conservative victims out there. I know it. Find the courage and come forward. Ann Coulter needs you to help balance the discourse in this country. Something tells me Cindy Sheehan is going to go on and on about losing her son - as Ann Coulter points out Cindy loves being a celebrity and is probably trying to profit from his death - so what are you waiting for? Not everybody made money off this war. The President and your rich Right Wing friends need to hear from you. I know it's tough, but please, speak out. Share your pain. Do it for God, do it for the President, and do it for your country.


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Conservative victims:
Gee, no takers yet.................


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