Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wayne Rooney Plays!

The Brits just sent in Wayne Rooney to try and score against Trinidad and Tobago, the team that sounds most like a vaudeville act. England's got a tall geeky bloke named Crouch who's butchered some prime opportunities. Beckham served him a cross towards the end of the first half that came in on a silver tray carried by a butler, and Crouch couldn't even get it on net. If you've seen Rooney with Manchester United you know how brilliant he can be. I still think the best player in the Premier League is Henry, but Rooney is young and great. The team looks twice as fast already. You put Rooney in the mix and England becomes exciting. Especially if they tell this Crouch bloke to sit his dorky ass down. Uh, make that the brilliant player Crouch. He just scored after a great cross by Beckham. Play on.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Idler said...

I think the big blond guy got his name from what he does when he walks through the door. (Maybe I'd better leave the jokes to you...). He was pretty useless during most of the game. Sometimes it seemed as if he was playing defense for Paraguay. (Not joking now). Nice goal, but you'd think the Beckham/Crouch team would yield a few more. I mean, a guy reputed to have the best crosses in the game and a 6'7" stork in front of the net ought to be a higher percentage act. Beckham looked like he didn't belong out there today.

Feel sorry for the Paraguas, but Glad England got through on a clear result in the end. Pretty scary though, what with the defender clearing one of the line when it was still 0-0. Sweden/England and Trinidad & Tobago ought both to be interesting games.


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