Saturday, July 29, 2006

C-Span Programming Sends Chills Through the Spine

I knew C-Span was showing a 9/11-Insider-Job conference tonight. I think it'll be rebroadcast at 10. My position is that the official story of 9/11 doesn't add up, so I was pleased to see the leaders of the movement getting some airtime. The panel was okay - I wish they had a couple of the others there, and it slipped at times into a pep rally, rather than an examination of the many damning facts from that morning. The chilling part was that the show was immediately followed on C-Span by a journalism awards presentation with Dick Cheney to honor his longtime friends in the Washington press corps. So right after the one show was talking about Cheney's stand-down orders that morning as he ran wargames based on planes hitting buildings like the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, there was the actual guy, talking to people who should have gotten to the bottom of this nearly 5 years ago - the mainstream press. My, what a tight little bunch Cheney and they were - talking about practical jokes they had pulled on each other going back to the Ford administration. Can you believe the programming shift with this? We had the 9/11 truth movement, which openly claims that an invisible government has seized control of the United States, and that elements of this group including Dick Cheney ran a deliberate attack on our country to enable what has happened to our country since 9/11 to occur. Then it was followed by this ceremony given to mainstream media types for the incredible job they've done following the news these past years, in the presence of Dick Cheney, himself. This was a jarring transition to be sure. It was startling and surreal. By the way, tons of criticism was dumped on the leftie gatekeepers like Amy Goodman, but not by Cheney and his reporter buddies. No, the 9/11 movement is very frustrated with the left for accepting the official story. Their basic premise - and this was filmed last month - is that we are in a race to get more Americans to look at 9/11 and the overwhelming amount of suspicious evidence, before it is too late. The too late part involves another possible fake terrorist attack as an excuse to go into Iran and declare martial law here prior to the Fall Elections. The fact that so much has happened since the taping - the fact that the showdown with Iran does seem much more likely today than it did last month - was chilling. So what do I believe? We are in the grip of a Neo-conservative agenda that has been planned out for years, and it is proceeding on course. The plan in Iraq was to break it, just as the plan in Lebanon is to break that, too. Next I fear this will escalate to another preemptive strike - possibly nuclear - against Iran. If we do get another 9/11-style event followed by an immediate blaming of Iran you'll know it has come to pass. Treachery is afoot, dear citizens, and the fate of the Constitution lies tonight in a great deal of doubt.


At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um....ok. The "mainstream media" is so totally in Cheney's back pocket. Great premise, Bill. Except that it doesn't quite explain why there hasn't been a positive article on Cheney in the mainstream press for...say...about 7 years or so.

Bill, are you sure you quit drinking? You are sounding a little more off you rocker than usual.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Coming from you that's quite a statement.
Also it's you that uses the phrase "so totally in Cheney's back pocket" and then says "Great premise, Bill."
I just questioned the media's lack of investigative reporting on 9/11. And by the way, Cheney isn't looking to the media for puff pieces. He's used it to get us into Iraq. You do know about the stories the VP sent to Judith Miller of the New York Times, don't you? The ones that turned out to be factually incorrect. How about the part where the mainstream media accepted Election 2000? Wasn't that taking Cheney's side over the facts?
The stories you read about Cheney in the media might not rise to the level of your fawning adoration, but it really has been positive for him. If they had reported the truth he'd probably be sharing a cell with W in prison.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

By the way, those Judith Miller stories prove Cheney is a liar. He always spoke about them like he had just seen them in the paper that morning when he was talking about them back then. We now know he leaked them himself. That alone shows he was delberately deceiving the American People.


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