Monday, July 31, 2006

Dreaded Screw-Up Department

Several months ago, I saw a Progressive Review piece about the NSA hassling the blogger known as Capitol Hill Blue. I posted it as well on my blog, where it was somehow picked up by the Fark site. That was back in March, and it turns out it was a hoax NSA letter sent by some of the Capitol Hill Blue guy's buddies. Good one! Here's the big mistake. He found out a few weeks later, but didn't own up to it until this week. Worse yet, he tried to blame his reluctance to come forward on being a dry drunk or some such victim jive. The guy's name is Doug Thompson and he's broken some inside Washington stories. However, if you're going to look down your nose at others, and then pull this stunt, you are permanently in disgrace. It's not the crime - it's the cover-up, you idiot! You're sitting in Washington, D.C.! You should know that! And how sweet for the Portland Freelancer. The one thing of mine that was picked up by a major national site like Fark, and it turns out to be bogus. Oh well. I hang my head in blogging shame. However, I'm not going to blame it on something my teacher said in 6th grade or any of that other victim crap. Hell no! I'm going to blame it on President Bush for creating a climate where this kind of story is plausible. Relax, I'm just kidding! I'll take the blame. I've screwed up on bigger stages than this. One of my jokes got a nationally-televised retraction by Jay Leno himself. That was not my favorite night of TV viewing. This has not been my favorite night of blogging. Sorry for the mistake.


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