Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Lighter Notes at Pioneer Square

Today we start a new series on the Portland Freelancer: Rating the backstage pass. I give this one from the Lighter Notes performance at Sand in the City this weekend an 8. It looks terrific, but "Entertainer" just assumes too much. You can practically hear the crowd saying, "Let us be the judge of that." Grieve not though, for there has only been one backstage pass that's rated a perfect 10 and that was for Ringo at the Schnitz. Let's just say it's an unusual feeling when you're right offstage and a Beatle is looking at you, wondering what you're doing there. Speaking of other bands, Portland continues to amaze me. Every band I saw this year absolutely kicked ass, and yes, it was slightly irritating. This one guy who I believe was named Big Money played slide guitar better than anyone I've ever heard in person, and I'd go further but you'd accuse me of hyperbole. Okay, I'll say it. He played better slide than Duane Allman, whom I only heard on records. I will say Duane had a better sound but who can beat "One Way Out" at the Fillmore? Still, what a monster this guy was - literally frightening considering a couple of bands later I would be on the same stage, also playing slide guitar. With the slide, the first rule is do no harm. Then take it slowly up in degrees of difficulty. This guy shot past my favorites including Bonnie Raitt, etc...and quite frankly scared the living daylights out of me. Wow, was he good. And speaking of daylight - Sand in the City had great weather this year. Although the castles can handle rain, who wants to go there? In closing, this was a great cause - "Kids on the Block". The Lighter Notes were glad to help out.


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