Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Word for Generation W

Who can blame us really? Many of the comments to the recent post entitled "The Worst Generation", reflected a poor reaction to being criticized. Isn't that part of being coddled? The classic part for me was that the protests showed such vintage Worst Generation attitudes. Some blamed our parents which is just classic. Others didn't want to acknowledge that their success was anything but their own doing. One cited Rush Limbaugh saying the same thing about our group, although I'm sure Rush was using it to brag about his observational skills, rather than to criticize himself for being a reckless, pill-popping junkie. Indeed, the comments reflected such a strong Generation W profile, that I'm going to take a page from President Bush and invent a new word. The only difference between this and what he does is that I'm aware that I'm doing it. Perhaps my word will "resignate" with the people as much as some of his have. First, are you aware that the "resignate" word was delivered right here in good old Memorial Coliseum? That's a piece of American History, folks, which will mean even more if we're coming to the end of it. Anyone of us could have gone down to that rally and yelled out, "It's resonate, you idiot!" and maybe changed the course of the election. So really, when you think about it, the last 6 years could have been Portland's fault. But why dwell on that right now? It's about improving and changing course. I saw an NBC/Wall Street Journel poll tonight that said 81% of Americans think we're on the wrong track and that it's not just a blip but a long-term trend. 81% is quite a number, folks. We've got to get better at seeing ourselves. We need a new word to point out the foibles of our ways so we can speed up the process of correcting them. It turns out the term "The Worst Generation" is already widely in use, so I have to get more creative and contribute something else. Okay, here goes: It's half "adolescent" and it's have "Boomer". The new word is "boomescent." When you blame your parents for the mess we're in now, that is boomescent. When you take your parents' inheritance earned from decades of frugality and immediately blow it on expensive toys, that is boomescent, too. And when you invade a country for all the wrong reasons because you want to play cowboy and show you're a wartime president? Well, that's really putting the "Boom!" in boomescent. I like making new words. Too bad I was born overseas or I could parlay this into a run for president.


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One cited Rush Limbaugh saying the same thing about our group, although I'm sure Rush was using it to brag about his observational skills, rather than to criticize himself for being a reckless, pill-popping junkie.

Yeah, that was me, and actually Limbaugh began saying it, about 15 years ago, for two reasons. One, basically, to praise the WWII generation, and to show by comparison how poorly the baby boomers measured up. Secondly, to hold up in ridicule the fact that Bill Clinton was the first boomer president, and point out how emblematic it was that we'd present such a sorry POS for that status. A lying draft-dodging, dope-smoking, but lying about it, raping, coke-tooting, intern-molesting, but lying about it, womanizing, disbarred grifter. The perfect president for the me me me, it's all about us baby boom generation.

And so Limbaugh has a point. When we have our second boomer president, a true patriot who served honorably in the Texas Air Guard, an honorable and truthful man who couldn't tell a lie if his life depended on it, a man with a loving and intact heterosexual marriage and family, with a feminine woman as his wife, a capable man, Yale educated and a Harvard Business school MBA, his babyboomer critics resent him for those fine qualities, and they resent the fact that he makes Clinton look so bad in the comparison. So they resort to making up lies about him to try to bring him down to their level, calling him things like a dry drunk, smirking chimp, shrub, fratboy barbque jockey, anything they can think of, even manufacturing lying fraudulent forged documents to try to hijack the election. Whatever it takes, tell any lie, lies upon lies, calling the truth a lie and lies the truth.

Yes, the me first babyboom generation has much to pride itself in.

As for Limbaugh, you can take the cheap shot at him if you want, many of your ilk do, and he just makes millions and millions more. Me, I'm just wondering what kind of a supposed kind and tolerant liberal it is that traffics in such hatred. Limbaugh says he got addicted to pain pills a number of years ago as part of a back injury and the recovery from surgery for it. And there's no reason to think it's anything other than that. So why do you think that gives you the right to judge him and condemn him for it? Because he has shown a weakness? Because he has a vulnerability, and you think that it give you a right to exploit that weakness by engaging in name-calling, because you disagree with him politically? I'd be ashamed.

At 11:59 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Rush Limbaugh is as good a representative of the Boomers as there is. He embodies everything wrong with this generation. Hypocritical, phony and stoned out of his head. It's also interesting how he's back swinging a golf club. Where did all that back pain go? Or was he just taking the drugs because he loved getting high?
Oh, and George Bush actually set the world's speed record for lying by a President. He was lying when he swore to uphold the Constitution.
He lied us into Iraq and he continues lying about how it's going over there.
I'm not looking down at these people from above or trafficking in hatred. I just know them - hell, I'm one of them - and I'm talking about them like they really are. I stood next to these types at keggers in college, and stepped outside taverns to fire off a joint between sets with a hundred clowns just like Rush, Newt or W. These guys don't impress me. The fact that you bought into the hype is your problem. And yes, it's very boomescent of you.

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Jack Bog said...

a true patriot who served honorably in the Texas Air Guard, *** a capable man,

Wow. You're as dumb as he is.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger LaurelhurstDad said...

It's so cool when the wingnuts do the Clinton-Bush comparison. They always leave out that Bush was a deserter and a drunk/doper. Clinton was attending college and openly said he did not want to be in the armed forces. Bush lied and hid, probably using daddy’s influence. And now tries to act like a veteran (remember Mission Accomplished?).

Clinton got blowjobs while in office. Bush is fucking our country, and others around the globe. Clinton hurt his family; Bush kills tens of thousands of people he doesn’t even know, and all to gain wealth for his buddies.

As for the blowhard Limbaugh, he’s in it for the money. He’s said so. He’s a comedian who has found his position in life – mouthpiece for a corrupt administration. Morality doesn’t pay as well.

I wonder whose worse, an idiot like Bush, or idiots that suck in his warped worldview and spews it back out, as he was told. You hear and see them on Fox, and, alas, right here.

But of course Anonymous might be putting us all on. It’s hard to believe that someone who can operate a computer can be so stupid and ignorant. But it takes all kinds to make the world interesting.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

This isn't a put-on. He mentions listening to Rush on the radio 15 years ago, and I have a feeling he's heard him ever since. Look, anonymous, if you're sincere about all this,
look into it a little more. I'm not trying to bum you out, but you've been misled. You deserve to know a closer version to the truth than what you've been getting.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I want to make one more point about Rush. People have been getting addicted to things from the beginning of time. The thing that stands out as capturing the reckless nature of Generation W is the fact that Rush was taking so many drugs, he almost lost his hearing. He almost took himself out of the game by a complete disrespect for personal responsibility and what he had been given.
He only got into rehab when he was forced to by the breaking news stories and threat of legal problems. Oh, and being hooked on drugs didn't stop him from demanding that junkies pay, and that the drug laws be strictly enforced. Of course, when it was his turn he hired one of the best lawyers in America, and began screaming about the government's intrusion into his life. He talked about taking responsibility when it was forced on him, and then he immediately shifted into playing the victim. It wasn't anything Rush did. No, Rush had been targeted. Give me a break. Or put another way: My, how boomescent of him.

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