Monday, August 14, 2006

On To Seattle

The first time I played the Seattle Hempfest I had these cute jokes ready: "I wish I had the Twinkie concession at this bastard." Stuff like that. However after hearing the incredible tales of legal and medical woes given by a variety of speakers, I canceled the joke portion. While I don't smoke marijuana and haven't in decades, I support the medical part especially when it can mean the difference between life and death, and it can. I also don't appreciate the obnoxious losers in the Bush administration lecturing us for years about States Rights, but only if the state does what the feds want.
I even regret a joke I sold Jay Leno about a marijuana initiative - "that's one of the few times you'll see marijuana and initiative in the same sentence." I will also add that it was personally quite tough for me to quit because it was such a cozy drug and there wasn't a whole lot of downside. But I recognized it was time and I moved on. Ironically, I never knew I had a marketable sense of humor back in those days. Thanks to the effects of the pot, everyone seemed quite amusing. And yes, I did slam my share of Twinkies. Nothing like the midnight walk to the convenience store to let you feel the true spirits of the night. Oh well. This Saturday I return to the Hempfest for a couple of shows. The first one is at around noon on the main stage before a basically empty field. For some reason this is a late arriving crowd. The second one is in a tent around 5 and that has the potential to be quite memorable. By then there should be around 70,000 people in the park so the scene could be rather intense in a very mellow way. I hear Randi Rhodes of Air America will be on the main stage sometime after us. Maybe I'll slip her a couple of pages of Bush jokes. Leno's off for two weeks but that doesn't mean I have to stop.


At 6:19 AM, Blogger W.C. Varones said...

Randi Rhodes is a raving idiot.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

If you think Randi Rhodes is a raving idiot, you should meet me and the other guys in the band.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger QuidProQuo said...

Your link regarding Randi Rhodes is to, whose claim is "Elections and politics with a Conservative bent. If you're a political junkie, get your fix here!" Question to you: Have you ever listened to her? She's educated, well-read, does her homework, ex-military, and sincere in her convictions, unlike Hannity and Limbaugh, who are probably on the Republican party payroll.
My guess is that you've never listened to her. Give her a try. I think you'll be surprised and maybe a little bit taken aback.

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randi and Air America IS. You AIN'T. so pout and shout, 'rightiness' imbeciles ... to yourself. You can come out of the corner when you can behave humankindly.

Meanwhile on another stage this Saturday while you Fester the Hempster, Bill, for PDXers left behind ... (say, do you play solar guitar, or would that be saying electric air guitar ? )

SEAO Members and Friends,
The Solar Energy Association of Oregon (SEAO) would like you to join us at the Clean Energy Fair at Sellwood Park this weekend for a fun day learning and celebrating the importance of supporting renewable energy sources. SEAO will be there with a table of information staffed by volunteers, and will be presenting two kids solar workshops including Fun & Games with Solar Energy and Solar Cooking. The following are some details. We hope to see you there!
Clean Energy Fair at the Sellwood Riverfront Park on Saturday, August 19th from 12-7pm. Presented by Alaska Coalition and Co-Sponsored by SEAO. The Fair will focus on alternatives to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and, in particular, the need to develop and utilize renewable energy to reduce our dependence on oil and achieve real energy independence. There will be many speakers, renewable energy workshops/demonstrations, responsible car zone (hybrids, biodiesel, veggie oil buses), pump 'em up station (pumping up our car tires would save more oil than is available in the refuge - see, interactive kids zone, non-profit booths, food and beer/wine vendors, and bands. The event will be entirely solar powered, courtesy of the City of Portland Department of Transportation-Maintenance. Admission to the fair is free. We invite you to visit SEAO’s booth and attend our kids solar workshops. More information at
Best regards,
Tania Parks
Education Coordinator
Solar Energy Association of Oregon
205 SE Grand Ave, Suite 202
Portland, OR 97214


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