Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mistakes? I've Made a Few

NASA is very concerned about some debris around the Space Shuttle including one plastic bag. The current theory is that it's part of Willie Nelson's stash. Actually, this was nice. NASA is so concerned that Willie has offered to check out the space shuttle next time he's in orbit. And did you hear the new song he wrote after the police took his pot? "Red Eyes Crying in the Rain."
Okay, I'm just kidding around which is how I handle stress and make a few bucks. If the Pope gets into it with the Muslims I write about other apologies he's had to make. Like to all the people who sat behind him at the movies when he had the big hat on. That one sold last night but the crowd was there to see someone named Justin Timberlake (?) so they couldn't care less. I'm kidding. I know all about Justin. I have to for my so-called "career." So how's that going?

Lately I've had to make a few apologies. You can't just write humor this much and keep your focus. Something in your brain shuts off right at the critical part when you're supposed to get the details correct. Recently I wrote a couple of jokes for the radio people based on Venice, Italy when the story came out of Vienna, Austria. Worse yet, I mistook Matt Leblanc in one story for Matthew Perry. If you can't keep your celebrities straight in this society, you don't deserve to live. Finally, the real reason I'm writing this is that I waited 5 or 6 weeks to write a story about a local musician and then I misspelled her name. I corrected it but I didn't refresh before hitting Orblog so it's there frozen in time. Sorry, Lisa. That's why I'll probably post a lot today so that the Orblog page will fill up as fast as possible and the evidence of my screw-up will scroll down to cyber-oblivion. You know, that same wretched place where my brain's going.


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That's why I'll probably post a lot today so that the Orblog page will fill up as fast as possible............"

A tactic I've used often.
You know, like when I've just hit the send key on email that shouldn't have been sent - one that will again confirm what a jerk I am. So, to take the pressure off of the initial misfire I quickly contrive something else and send it toooooo.


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