Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Programming Note

Lisa and Her Proud Parents

Tonight's the night Portland's own Lisa Molinaro appears on the Conan O'Brien show with the Decemberists. My people tell me she is not playing her viola - she'll be on the glockenspiel. I always appreciate it when someone chooses bad times to come up with something positive, so the idea that this person picked this week to do something inspirational, makes it all the better. And it sounds like she'll literally be chiming in with some good vibes. I also heard she sings in the Decemberists as opposed to Talkdemonic - her buddies tell me she has an awesome voice.

This is so excellent. Imagine waking up in a hotel in New York, knowing you'll be playing music on national TV that day. It's what happened to the Beatles, and if your band plays Letterman you can do it from the exact same stage. Okay, this is Conan tonight but still. Playing a national TV show from New York puts you near the top of the rock and roll experience. That's how heavy this is.

Yes, I know other Portlanders like Everclear and Terry Robb have appeared on late night TV, but I knew about them first as musicians. This is someone whom I'd buy espresso drinks from, and then she comes up with this? In fact, she was still making Americanos after Rolling Stone magazine sent a photographer out here this summer to take the band's picture. Now it's onto the classic part of the story. Then afterwards there's the post-gig buzz when the band heads out on the town to celebrate. Then back to the hotel to watch. Good on you, Lisa. Oh, here's one more classic sweet moment - a picture of her with the proud parents taken this summer. Call it: "Our Daughter, the Rock Star".


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