Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving, 2006: Pray for Rain

How bad has the weather been? The last Bigfoot sighting was on a plane to Hawaii. But cheer up. Feeling like a drowned rat has its rewards. We are on the verge of a record: The wettest November in Oregon History. Right now we're over 10 inches for the month and probably close to 11. I hear we're in 4th place and the first three are are 1) 11.57" - 1942 2) 11.53" - 1973 3.) 11.15" - 1995. We could do that with ease and as long as we're this close, we might as well get into it. Let's crush the record so whenever anyone talks about the subject of precipitation again, we can squint into the sun - figuratively speaking - and say, "You think this is bad. Let me tell you about Thanksgiving back in 2006."

I also want them to say, "Thanksgiving, 2006, wasn't that the beginning of another Oregon tradition?" Yes, I hope so. Here's how it works: If it's Thanksgiving morning and you go out to the few espresso shops that don't close, always tip well, and be gracious for them being open - all that polite stuff. But when they ask you for your order, say, "I'll have a gravy latte." If enough of us join in, it'll become one of those classic Thanksgiving jokes that everybody enjoys. Okay, maybe not, but it worked this morning. Besides, if it's going to rain this much we should try and get some laughs anyway we can. Although the record for the rainiest November in Oregon history is a magnificent achievement, I think you'll agree: It's not all that amusing.


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