Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving for the Neo-Cons

You can tell it's almost Thanksgiving. Michael Richards just offended a group of Pilgrims. President Bush is back home, and I doubt he'll be making any surprise visits to Iraq this year. There's nothing to be gained from going there this year ostensibly to comfort our troops by holding up a fake turkey. The troops are on their own. This year, after losing both houses of Congress and stuck with a 31% approval rating, President Bush IS the turkey.

Over at Dick Cheney's place, he's shot the Thanksgiving bird by now and he's stuffing it with dead quail. He probably knows what many of us suspect: The latest assassination in Lebanon was a false flag operation designed to cause violence in the region, and to sabotage any efforts to reach out to Syria and Iran. Indeed, he had W. out there warning Iran and Syria before the body was even cold. Cheney probably knows it was a hit by the Neo-Cons - a typical false flag operation. He probably is following the reports of violence and tensions with quiet glee - another twisted scheme by him and his buddies going over perfectly without even a hint of suspicion in our media. People are dying and the Iran plan is proceeding on course. It's a good Thanksgiving in the Cheney household.

Not so good at his old buddy Donald Rumsfeld's place. I picture the crazy bastard sitting in his recliner pushing the buttons on the remote and mumbling, "Kill! Kill" over and over again.

Actually, the rest of the Neo-Cons have plenty to be thankful for. None of them have been tried for war crimes yet. 9/11 wasn't fully investigated. Their grand deception to get us into Iraq worked beautifully, and they don't seem to be taking the blame. It's now seen as a big mistake, rather than one of the great crimes of the last 50 years. That's good for them. The Neo-Cons are out there right now, distancing themselves from the failure - blaming it on poor execution. The Democrats in Congress are saying all the right things about rolling over and accepting these horrific misdeeds unchallenged. It could be a beautiful Neo-Con Thanksgiving after all.

Of course, there's the glow from knowing they hijacked the foreign policy of the greatest country on earth, and used it for their own ends. That was quite a thrill, I'm sure. Deceiving the American People on a scale like Iraq was exciting and fun, and the whole experience was an intense power rush. Remember how good those Thanksgivings were? Remember the parties at Dick Cheney's house?

But now the Iraq glow is starting to fade. In fact, it's almost gone. This year's turkey dinner will still taste quite good, but only at first. Then the Neo-Cons will start feeling that hunger again - a hunger that no amount of overeating can satisfy. By Thanksgiving afternoon they'll be looking into the fire, missing the power rush, and assessing their chance for another big helping of world domination.

Of course, it won't be as easy this time. Rumsfeld is gone - maybe they'll give him a call. No, he's out of power now - it'd be bad luck - like talking to a ghost. Better to look ahead and scheme. Screw Rumsfeld. Iraq is going poorly, but screw Iraq, too. That was yesterday's power rush. Besides, there are still enough of the old team left to implement the agenda ahead. Looking out the window of their comfortable upscale homes, they'll sip their cognac and contemplate the next preemptive strike. Once you've killed hundreds of thousands of people nothing else comes close. For the Neo-Cons, the invasion of Iraq was a blast, but it's been way too long.

As Thanksgiving evening rolls around, they'll begin to drift off - their bellies full of the feast. Then the sweet schemes will start to flood their twisted minds. Oh, the joy at what lies ahead for the Neo-Cons! There are many bombs to drop, and missiles to launch before they sleep.


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog entry was very insightful, and I agree with most of your ideas. Have a great holiday!


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