Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time to Get Our Heads Back in the Game

You know it's bad when Geraldo starts making sense. I heard him give his opinion on the Iraq war the other day and he painted a very grim portrait. This thing is now beyond crazy. He described a unit of our military assigned to patrol a certain road. They go out each and every day. During the sunlight hours they own the road and it is fairly secure. However, due to massive manpower shortfalls, they cannot guard the road at night. So every night new IEDs are planted. The road is pockmarked with an incredible number of them that have already gone off, and it only takes 5 minutes to plant a new one. The night ends and the daylight begins. This beleaguered military unit goes back out to patrol the same road, and every now and then, one of our soldiers gets blown up. Geraldo says that two of their command structure were recent casualties. It is not a battle so much as a lottery execution.

There is a long history in literature and films that depicts the absurdity of war by exaggerating the craziness. "The King of Hearts" is one such movie, involving an insane asylum being accidentally liberated by advancing troops. The point of the movie is that the clinically insane actually appear less crazy than the warring armies. There's also "Catch 22", a book that shaped my sense of humor. I felt it was one of the true classics of literature and one of the first that showed a generational difference between my father's opinion and mine, even though the author was from my father's time. My Dad thought the book was shallow. Of course, he went to Columbia as a high school brain much younger than his classmates, so to him, it probably was shallow. I thought it was brilliant.

The point is that the madness of war is often portrayed in absurd ways. The action in literature is often not entirely true - it's surreal and built up to illustrate the insanity. This will not be necessary with Iraq. The idea of controlling a road during the day, letting the enemy wire it at night, and then patrolling it again the next day is as insane as anything in "Catch 22". It's as if the asylum patients from "The King of Hearts" were at the controls in Washington, D.C. Future authors will just have to describe the events leading up to and including the war, and then detail the patrols around Iraq - the excursions to see who blows up. "Catch 22" won't stand a chance against the absurd realities of the Iraq war.

Many people opposed to this disaster have taken a breather since the elections. It's been several frustrating years, and the urge to relax for awhile is great. I personally have basically kissed off the blog, the cable show, and my jokes as far as using them to advance an agenda.

Frankly, I've spent more time lately thinking about the Michigan-Ohio State football game than anything else. Shallow? I'm sure my Dad would have thought so, and it's got to end. The 4 American soldiers who were announced as killed today deserve our grief as much as any of the others. The carnage continues whether we're tuned in or not.

The election was a wonderful event, but if we still have American soldiers driving around Iraq waiting for an explosion, then not enough has been accomplished. We've got to get back to work and end this horrible war now.


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya' know, Bill, stopping it starts with simply stopping using the brainwashing words for it.

It is not 'war.' Because Congress did not declare it war, and only Congress can. Stop saying the word and we stop repeating after Bush the Liar.

And on and on and on ...

More of it goes on in repeating such words as 'enemy' and 'improvised explosive.' There is no enemy -- remember? there is nobody and nothing there that threatens us since such a description was all LIARS lying saying that. Saying 'enemy' is saying a LIE word.

As for 'improvised explosives' -- those things are not 'improvised' like they were made up in someone's kitchen. Heck no. Those bombs and plastic explosives are all Made in U.S.A. and sent over there for use killing American troops -- you couldn't very well have troops over there if some of them were not getting killed, now could you. And since 'enemy' is a lie, we have to act the enemy's role and shoot back at ourselves.

Do you, Bill, think there is an explosives factory, or gun factory, anywhere in Iraq that aerial surveillance can't see and doesn't know about? (For that matter, troops don't even need to go patrol nothing on the ground, just stay in their fort, get a joystick and video screen, send a drone-cam over the highway or anywhere else you want to 'patrol', or go google-earthmap, and WATCH EVERYTHING going on bigger than a bug, along every inch of that highway.)

C'mon. Both 'sides' in the 'war' is a game. Our taxes are paying for both 'armies.' Hear what our soldiers are saying when they get home, go listen to them drinking in the taverns, without the media between them and you telling you lies about it.

Your one line reminded me of cable TV.
"The carnage continues whether we're tuned in or not."
Cable TV subscribers think they are 'hurting the ratings' for shows they don't watch. Then they send a check at the start of the month so they can 'don't watch it' some more.

You think anyone 'putting on the carnage' of murder and war crimes atrocities in Iraq, cares whether you or me are 'tuned in or not'? Hell no. So long as you and me keep sending them our money into their taxes on us for their military games, no, they don't care who tunes in.

Just don't stop paying those military taxes; and don't start thinking about moving your money into things like schools and health care and local food growing and local energy works and so on.

Hell no, do you want to make the Pentagon look like big fools, if you go around saying there is no enemy they use to give their life meaning? and give their life your tax money?

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I'll just take the one paragraph:
"Do you, Bill, think there is an explosives factory, or gun factory, anywhere in Iraq that aerial surveillance can't see and doesn't know about? (For that matter, troops don't even need to go patrol nothing on the ground, just stay in their fort, get a joystick and video screen, send a drone-cam over the highway or anywhere else you want to 'patrol', or go google-earthmap, and WATCH EVERYTHING going on bigger than a bug, along every inch of that highway.)"

I get most of your points, but remember Iraq is gigantic. California gigantic. Meanwhile we have a troop level there that would have a tough time securing Oakland. To suggest we know everything that's going on is ludicrous.

I also object to you calling the word enemy a "lie word". If you don't think we've made some enemies over there with this invasion, then you are saying things are better now - not worse - in the war on terror. Frankly it hurts to see you sucking up to the Man like this.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's a couple of little things in my scoop o' internet with breakfast this morning.

The INTERNET is a CRISIS FOR Politicians.

I liked this line: Technology should be used to encourage elected representatives to communicate better with voters. Hey, 'represent' means voters communicate TO office-holders, who then REPRESENT what voting citizens say is on their minds, happening in real life, and in citizens' best interest.

And, "the internet could be fuelling a 'crisis' in the relationship between politicians and voters." What is that 'relationship,' exactly? 'Politicians' and 'voters' are the same thing: citizens.

Unless 'politician' is defined as someone God gave riches and elite power, and 'voter' is defined as someone poor and powerless. Yeah, then that's a 'relationship,' a relationship of inequality, and yeah, I could see it is a 'crisis' for rich politicians when poor voters get 'communicated with' that.

And then this, from Wayne Madsen.

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- Informed sources on Capitol Hill report that ... Lt. Gen. William Boykin ("My God is better than the Muslim God"), who is currently the Deputy Undersecretary of Intelligence, will also lose his job ....

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- Federal law enforcement sources report that a senior retired Mossad officer is the subject of a sealed indictment in the Larry Franklin-America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) espionage case. The retired officer, a former terrorism adviser to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, worked under a relatively new type of Israeli intelligence cover in Washington -- association with a think tank, in this case the neo-conservative Hudson Institute. The subject of the sealed indictment and other Israeli agents using U.S. think tank cover operate as handlers for spies like Franklin and others.

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- Capitol Hill sources report that Jane Harman, the ranking Democratic member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), whose chairmanship is opposed by Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi, attempted to interfere in the Justice Department's investigation of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for espionage.

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- U.S. military sources have reported to WMR that there are currently 10,000 U.S. troops serving in Iraq who are not U.S. citizens. The troops, mostly recruits from Latin America, have been promised eventual U.S. citizenship. Senior military officers decry this practice as the use of mercenaries by the Pentagon. In addition, many of the abuses of Iraqi citizens by U.S. troops are being carried out by the mercenary troops, some of whom have been involved in Latin American military and paramilitary units ....

No need to wonder who is planting those roadside bombs at night that blow up real American American troops the next morning.
And no need to wonder how mercenaries get paid when they are working for the Pentagon: They are paid by US military-tax payers ... Know any?

November 17/18/19, 2006 -- A Ghanaian Boeing 707, suspected of being involved with Russian-Israeli mafiosi facilitator Viktor Bout's worldwide arms trafficking and smuggling network of charter flights, was recently spotted off-loading 40 tons of ammunition at Mogadishu Airport in Somalia. The ammunition was for the Islamic radical forces .... Since her days as National Security Adviser, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has a policy of "look but don't touch" when it comes to Bout's activities.

So, Condoleezza can be charged with treason and brought to court and have a jury decide if the charges stick and she is guilty or not. What's the hold up?

Oh, you mean the new Democrat politicians running the show now, don't care if treason and war crime goes on, because the traitors against America are paying the get-rich Democrat politicians hush money?

Let's end with a real-world event to attend and be part of, here in Portland, freelance, tomorrow -- Saturday, 11 - 6, Lincoln High School. Meet Howard Lyman -- and you might never eat a drive-thru burger again. He doesn't. And he is a Montana cattleman.

When he said, on Oprah's show (why doesn't Leno have him on?), that he thinks when people are "communicated with" and find out beef is poisoned, that those people are never going to eat franchise burgers again, then the Texas Cattlemen's Association filed a lawsuit against Lyman and Oprah. Texas Cattlemen lost in court.

Well, for one, the kids grow up dead, that's a bummer for a lot of parents and other folks around here.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Did you read Wayne Madsen's chapter called "Shining Light on a Dark Continent"?
It's about Rwanda, and it is truly frightening. The same players involved as in so many other schemes. Two African presidents shot down in the same plane leading to one of the worse genocides ever.
Who was behind that?


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