Saturday, February 10, 2007

President Bush Dusts Off the War Script

These loud outcries about Iranian weapons found in Iraq sound like the next war marketing campaign. We are probably in the ramp-up stage to the tipping point where another false flag operation is used as a pretext for war with Iran. All the signs are there, and it's like one of those professional screenwriting programs where you go in and change "Iraq" to "Iran" with one move. Otherwise the script remains the same.

This comes at the end of an interesting week where it became even more obvious than it already was, that the Bush administration lied us into Iraq. I believe the official position is now, "Yeah, but that's old news." It's a shame, really. It's been fun getting on the Democrats' case for their spineless response to all this. Too bad it's on the American People now. If you've managed to avoid the news that Iraq was a fraud, then you're not paying any attention, so one of two things are true: You're such a hopeless Bush suck-up that you don't care what he does. That could be. Every despot had his loyal fans.

The other possibility is a little tougher to hear about. Now that the facts are in, we, as Americans, might be too soft to respond. Where's the outrage here? Has this news just dripped out so slowly that we can't find the moment to rally around? Do we have to wait for something really bad to happen, before we - as a People - finally say enough to the sickos who are running our country?

They certainly know they are on dangerous ground. The Patriot Act included a provision whereby U.S. prosecutors could be fired and replaced by Bush supporters and that's happening at a rapid rate. The judicial system is being systematically gutted so it won't be used to challenge this administration. At least they're aware that they should be in trouble.

Most people are tired of 9/11 conspiracy theories but did you hear that EMTs at the scene that day are now coming forward and saying they were given a warning that Building 7 was about to be brought down? That would mean it was wired in advance. This isn't going away, folks. More and more people now believe 9/11 occurred with the complicity of the Bush administration. Realizing that is a tough leap, but it could be your own personal tipping point in understanding what has happened to America.

Remember - President Bush and Dick Cheney got 3,000 Americans killed in Iraq for lies. If they're willing to do that, wouldn't they be morally capable of helping 9/11 to happen? The neo-cons needed a Pearl Harbor, remember? Oh well. At least, the immediate horror of 9/11 didn't include 20,000 Americans with their limbs blown off, or other terrible wounds. No, it took Bush and Cheney's disastrous war to give us that.

In the documentary, "Beyond Treason", which will not be playing in a theater near you, the filmmaker describes the munition dumps that were blown in Iraq during the first Gulf War. Apparently, this created toxic plumes that made a lot of our soldiers sick downwind. The theory as to why the munitions weren't handled more carefully was simple: They clearly came from America and there's video that proves it. That's why we had to sacrifice our soldiers and blow the weapons dumps up. It was part of a PR campaign to downplay our support of Saddam Hussein.

I remembered that today, when I read about the Iranian markings that are supposedly on weapons in Iraq. Is this another PR campaign? Gee, maybe the Iranians did send the insurgents weapons. If that's true, it was damn nice of them to leave the markings so we could blame them later.

Of course, none of this could be manufactured evidence, could it? The Bush administration wouldn't do that, would they? I mean, not so soon after they did it to sell us the Iraq War. They'd have to think we were pretty out of it to try that again.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely.
My only hope for us to survive as a nation, is that we get a really, really strong person for a candidate for '08.
But, I'm afraid, at this point in time I just don't see one.
I just cannot get enthused about any of these people, just yet.
Maybe, in the back of my mind I keep waiting for Al Gore to jump in to save the day, but truly don't know if even he could do that. I'm just afraid that this Bush Administration has messed things up so bad, it just can't be saved anymore.
I get so discouraged sometimes I could just cry.
I never thought that I would ever say this...but...I'm glad that I am an old woman, and in the scheme of things, I really don't have that much time left...then I think of my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids...and that is when I cry...for them and the future of this once great nation.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if a candidate on the radar was loyal, thrifty, brave, reverent, kind, obedient, sneezy and grumpy, there isn't enough time.

Between now and 2008 election: Nine-ELeven Op, the Sequel.

I think that we have to start organizing Constitutional Convention committees as fast as we can in each state. Declare that we, the people, intend to remove Congress and everything, and that's the only thing I know to light a fire under them -- the power of the people.

We actually can replace them. Spend the tax money ourselves. And we ought to start.

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... this is funny ... (After Downing ... That's a great punchline: I yield back the balance of my time

Filling In Where Congress Fails, By Midge

Yesterday, I was in yet another Congressional hearing to remind our elected representatives that they have an obligation to listen to the American people who voted to end the war in Iraq, bring the troops home and to take care of those soldiers when they get here. I attended a House Appropriation Defense sub-committe hearing about the Army's portion of the Iraq War supplemental funding. I was allowed to stand in the back of the room with a shirt that said "NO $$$ for WAR". I was silent throught most of the hearing, but often made hand gestures such as thumbs up, thumbs down, peace signs, or clapping motions. At end of the hearing, before Rep. Murtha (D - NY) could say adjourned, I spoke up (as if it were my turn as a U.S. Congresswoman) and asked a direct question to General Schoomaker, "General, why is the Army returning soldiers to the battlefield without treament for post traumatic stress, and how do you think that effects military readiness..." then I added, "Mr Chairman, I yield back the rest of my time!"

I think that last line caught all the Representatives off guard... while I was speaking Murtha was shaking his finger at me and saying, "Ma'am, ma'am" but he never banged his gavel or made a move to remove me from the hearing. Of course, he quickly adjourned after that. I felt like I was applying my own priciples of "Direct Democracy" in an entirely new way. I mean, since I didn't have any representation in that hearing (Roy Blunt wasn't on that committee), why shouldn't I be allowed to represent myself.?

The neatest part was that I got to see that hearing on C-Span last night and hear my comments... that's the first time I actually got to see the results of one of my actions on C-Span although I have seen many of my friends ...


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