Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wonkette Writers: Please Read This

I'm a professional comedy writer, and I want to give you some advice. I know it's not easy finding the right range of glib. Your founder has moved on to Time Magazine and maybe you're feeling a little lost.

The recent bit entitled, "John Edwards announces that his slowly dying campaign will not be rushed by his slowly dying wife" was not funny. At the core of all writing, there is an underlying assumption that whatever you're reading was written by a human being. Even when I see the sickest possible stuff, I never wonder if it was written by a machine or perhaps an alien blogger. There is something about this that is so devoid of even the basic spark of the lowest of the low-lifes that it makes me wonder about your humanity. I've seen the original Wonkette on Imus and she seemed intelligent and amusing. You're not doing her or anyone else any favors writing this.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kucinich is the MOST honest of the DEMOS. Right behind him - at a near electable level - Edwards.

He just might make it. Even as his wife loses her struggle. But what can he/she do? You HAVE to try; you have to mobilize your immune system. But those comments don't help.

'They' shouldn't be able to touch him now. His wife should be off-limits. But they (now including some 'funny-folk') have no sense of decency - AT ALL. They are not even embarrassed by the (recent Lancet study) 1 million Iraqis killed for a completely premeditated lie.

Phil Donahue asked O'Riley if he thinks it is alright to send MORE to die in Iraq. Of course O'Riley did not answer. All of them cowards who did not serve.

Further, Edwards presses the others on issues (himself tending towards Kucinich-ism).

Could we please have an order-of-magnitude increase in honesty in the white - someday? Please?

John Edwards is one who could do it. If (I hope he doesn't have to arrive under sad circumstances) he becomes president he will be one of the few that has ever arrived with humility and sensitivity.

And if these insensitive creeps would back off, SHE might at least travel part of that road - having that same dream.


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