Monday, January 01, 2007

A Big Notion for the New Year

Welcome to the year 2007. So far I've only been mildly shocked and worried once, by the NFL player getting shot in Denver. If that was in retaliation for the Broncos losing, and being knocked from the playoffs, then it's the stuff of South American soccer fans, and a very troubling development indeed. Let's hope it was random or related to a personal matter.

I have had my first creative thought of the New Year which I'll get to in a minute. It may be ridiculous but it's on the ultimate scale.

First some stalling: There are plenty of intellectuals who can analyze and judge, but who rarely come up with anything new. They digest and interpret and edit and cross-reference but it's all stuff that has flowed into them. Often they love movies because they just have to position their brains in front of the screen and the information comes in. Then later they can say brilliant things about it.

There is so much interference from all sides. See, I believe most of those people do have an internal creative signal. It's just drowned out by the high volume around them. Their imaginations are no match for the intense images coming from the movie screen. I believe that if these people were left on an island without any new data streams to analyze, they would eventually be creative.

And speaking of creation: I also believe that most people, if left alone on a long walk in the woods, also feel a spiritual presence - God, if you will. It's harder to feel in society where you have these overly aggressive organized religions telling you what to think. Of course, it's genuine for those involved on the inside, but it's a pain in the ass for everybody else.

My guess is that organized religions generate an atheistic backlash: If these people can act in such a silly and dangerous manner - let's pick a safe example like the Sunni and Shia - then the essential thought that God exists must be questioned as well. It's similar to the way a movie can dominate your brain and not let you experience your own imagination.

Every now and then, I try and shut off the interference. I skip the movie, and I await the creative thoughts that usually come in the early morning, immediately after I wake up. Okay, that's enough stalling. Here goes:

The physicists have a big problem with the way that gravity works. The measurements don't add up. That's how we get the string theory with the little pieces of other dimensions. There has to be a pull from somewhere else. Stephen Hawking, in his appearance at Keller Auditorium, admitted that he resisted the multi-dimensional explanation to solve the gravity measurement problem, but there was no other choice.

What if this giant mystery - this unexplainable torque that's working on the universe is the weight or pull of God? Just a thought. I'm not saying I believe it, but the 11 or 17 or 13 dimension stuff really doesn't seem right. So there's my new theory for the New Year.

The difference between me and organized religion types is that they are desperately trying to fit any information we get into a preexisting set of conclusions, and I think it stunts their ability to see. It is the movie that's killing their imaginations. They're so busy being creationists that they forget how to be creative.


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