Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bush Administration Incompetence Seen as a Ray of Hope: America Might Be Saved

The furor over the ports issue is going to be a defining moment for a Bush administration that prides itself on defining the moments. Everything that is wrong with their style will work against them on this and they don’t even seem to realize it yet.
If they did, then why send George out to make such a firm stand? He insists any attempt to wrest the port contract back away from the United Arab Emirates company will be met by a veto. That’s going to make it difficult to fold up later on this, and if he remains firm and shows that trademark resolve they love to market to us, he’s in even worse shape.
All the usual beat-downs about not playing the blame game, and keeping politics out of it, aren’t going to work either. This is a President who brags about national security, and he’s looking really bad on his pet issue. Then he shifts effortlessly into his standard line that, “I never make mistakes so if I did this, it can’t be a mistake.” How did these events happen?
The answer to that question might hold America’s salvation and it is this: Behind all the power-grabbing, election-stealing, spin-making expertise that these guys always pride themselves on, is a core of mediocrity – an inescapable incompetence that most Americans are only now beginning to realize. Katrina was a glimpse at the real ability level of this group, and as their carefully constructed façade of government skill came crashing down, suddenly what this president has done stands unprotected for all to see. As many of us feared from the beginning, the guy is a classic screw-up, and so is Dick “the Macho Hunter” Cheney. These clowns actually fought a war for the wrong reasons, and they admit it. Hell, they're proud of it.
The only difference now is that their unbelievable incompetence is seen as a source of comfort. Try as they will to implement their twisted, power-crazed agenda, they might not have the required skill set to destroy America after all.


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this is incompetence by Bush, he's just going to make a lot of money on the deal. That's his job. He only talks about national security if it supports some project he's making money on. He would only say he was concerned about people in Africa with AIDS, or about seniors paying for prescriptions, if he needed to justify a project that would get himself some money from pharmaceutical companies.

I love the way Karl Rove jumps on the opportunities to use liberal concepts for stuff like this. Like it would be racist to think that just because a company from the UAE was presiding over huge American seaports that it would be easier for terrorists to sneak something in. He's right, there should be no problem handing over this business to a company from Yemen either.

The question in my mind is: Why are we offshoring a business that's so critical to our national security? Are we no good at that? That doesn't make sense, so it has to be that the Bush family stands to get billions from this deal.

Michael Moore taught me that the Bushes and the Saud family are huge business partners. It only makes sense that a partnership with the UAE will similarly promote democracy and freedom in the Middle East. A noble goal.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Katrina showed how incompetent they can be. The money was there to be made anyway but they squandered a chance to show America how good they are at governing. I believe the reason that happened is because they are not - they are spinners with little managerial skills.
Bush did deny knowing about the port deal beforehand and that supports your case, since he lies so much.
As to why we have to outsource this: More and more foreign governments will be able to leverage stuff against us as Bush has turned our financial security over to them with his ridiculous spending spree. They have literally sold out America.


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