Thursday, February 23, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Comedy Career?

So I was chugging along with a record year last year selling jokes to Jay Leno. I even hit my 500th overall joke and I made a big deal out of it sending Leno a plaque. Something about that experience threw me off my game. I think it was not having the goal anymore but I went into a dry spell.
You do get on rolls when a joke or two goes on, getting you excited and propelling you into a mother groove. I did receive a check the other day but one check is not a roll.
Now we’ve had these damn Olympics – I believe tonight was the “Ice-Scraping off the Windshield” competition. And that’s thrown everything off.
Not only does Leno come on after midnight but he has to focus on Torino. And after all that, NBC is getting very disappointing ratings. Oh well, the end is in sight. I know I still have it because the radio gig is going great, but I’ve got to be getting back on Leno. He’s got 3 years left and I don’t want to fade away before he does. You know the funny thing? I did great during Salt Lake. I crushed during Salt Lake. Usually the summer games are bad, and that's what this feels like.
Comedy writing is a mysterious business. I never have writer’s cramp, thank God, so it never stops flowing. I heard Letterman tonight and at least two of the jokes were similar to my radio versions. I know I’m in range here.
One of the best things they do down there is let you flounder for as long as you need, before you get it back. It will help when the Olympics are finished and we return to normal. I believe tonight Austria won the long distance syringe toss. There we go. It’ll come back. It always does....My career is over.


At 7:42 AM, Blogger Idler said...

Buck up. You can't help being funny.


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